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Racism Forced On Society

Many of you may disagree but I am watching what has progressed and when I say 'forced' I mean it. The problem is people believe what George Soros (White) has financially manufactured with the help of Maxine Waters (Black) and Sharpton (Black). Yes they are the cause. I watch while understanding the nature of the Illuminaties desires and progression of how they meet their goals. I'll explain. In order to move up in ranks of the Masonic Temple (Not the lower community services where many reach 33 degrees easily) I'm talking the secret masonic members who practice the dark arts and make the world go round with dictation of the insignificant people's lives (me & you/Black, White etc).

Soros first used the Martin boy to ignite what ultimately morphed into Black Lives Matter and riots. Yielding no effect or accomplishment of course. Little Martin (who was not little or innocent as portrayed) was tricked by his dad. His father knew this was going to happen and Zimmerman (a mexican portrayed as white. See how this works?) was never going to be prosecuted. Dad of boy Martin rose in status shortly after his son was killed. A sacrifice and he obviously knew someone in the dark satanic gov't that makes the rules. It was too coincidental to be otherwise. Anyone in the Occult Masonic Temple has to sacrifice someone close to them. What better than an embarrassing troubled teen? No one really reacted, least of all the whites as Soros truly intended so that a race war would ensue giving cause to take our guns and give a foothold to ushering in the NWO. If you don't see it yourself then you have not the knowledge you think about the Illuminati or Bilderbergs.

When this intention failed (let us not forget 'BERKLEY'S ' role in every controversy of stupidity!) the creation of Identity where if you identified as ANYTHING it was to be accepted. Tell me with a straight face the average person would have gathered to fight for this? It was manufactured by the Elite to once again separate the masses with a different sort of racism. One woman who had no black bloodline posed as black but was exposed but then fell back on 'I identify with....' This yielded only hate and racism against normal people by a handful of freaks. Did you know that well over half the Elite are Trans? But it did open a door for all the freaks to expose themselves willingly. Finally we began understanding that nothing is what we were taught and just about everything we think we know is a lie! What you may not know or will deny because of how extraordinary the claim seems Barack Obama is gay and Michelle is a man. The gays did not win a fight to become equal they were handed it by and because of the very gay president and first....'it'

From their it morphed into 'White Privilege'. This brings back the black and white racism once again. They are relentless in this pursuit! Berkley was greatly indoctrinated for this. You may find that the most influential men in America whose kids attend Berkeley were the ones who started it and by design. White Privilege is the dumbest thing I have ever heard thus far. My grandsons teacher is black, I have been to a black Doctor, there are black lawyers and there has been a black President. It took me three years to clean up my credit to buy a house and I had to toss out a LOT of money like everyone else. I know many black families that went through the same process and own homes. Some more expensive than myself. I was not privileged to buy a house or have an education that cost me more money than some blacks who receive extra grant money just for being black.

Berkley attempted to provoke us by excluding whites from certain events, something white have NOT done in this entire generation. I'm 57 and have known not one time of whites doing this. I'll be GODDARNED if I will be embarrassed for being white anymore than a black would. This pissed a lot of whites off despite the fact that rich obnoxious programmed white people participated in this false claim. Same as whites participated in BLM which hid under the guise of Police Brutality but was meant to promote old fashioned racism. How do I know this? That is when the fake Black Panthers rose their ugly head up and stood in the street talking about killing whites and their cracker babies. First of all if a white person stood in the street and said these things we would be all over the news and doing time. (Who's privileged?) Second is that never would a white person threaten any child. THEY ARE THE MOST INNOCENT stuck in an adults problem. I can promise 90% of whites during a race war would protect a blacks child during that time. Kids are off limits! So who reveals who the nastiest racist is?

My Grandson and Cousins daughter. First interracial marriage & kids in the family. You won't touch them!

Waters just wants violence. She really wants it. Sick individual just like Soros. She encourages going out and attacking Trump supporters. Talking of that, just look how celebrities, politicians and musicians promoted hate between the people over Trump. This told me the powers that be just want an uprising and they don't care how. Why? Easy answer and so obvious, GUNS. They must take our guns before they can usher in the NWO completely. The biggest threat are white males. They will not go down easily and obviously scare the powers.

There are three steps to Socialism/Communism and the NWO is that in the most extreme conditions. 1. Mandatory healthcare (who issued that? Obama) 2. Take weapons (Who started the false school/club/church mass shootings where no one died? Obama) Don't shake your fucking head! NO ONE DIED AT ANY OF THOSE EVENTS. Read my blogs! 3. Depopulation. You can not control all the people. The NWO is about total control and will keep a minimal amount of people alive to do so. It has nothing to do with saving the planet! Remember everything is a LIE that they tell you! Jesus is the only truth but if the NWO goes into effect we who are still willing to utter his name will die. Are you willing to die for the only truth that exist?

Let us go back in time and settle this illusion you have been sold. The accusation is that racism is as prevalent as it was 50 years ago and that whites are privileged people. First you would have to understand that the only people to own slaves were the rich be it black or white wealthy people. Yes there were wealthy blacks who did turn on there own but never mentioned in the history books. Michael Jackson was murdered for coming out with this. He said 'DON'T BELIEVE YOUR HISTORY BOOKS, IT IS ALL A LIE' He yelled this as he left a platform leaving the impression it was important for him to say it to us. Then he was dead!

The very first slave owner was black. The FIRST! From there white's would travel to Africa for the usual trading of goods and the chief's of a tribe would offer their citizens, including children, to trade. I read in a comment once where someone black was complaining it was unfair there were no famous black poets or writers in an attempt to discredit whites again portraying us as 'privileged'. I looked it up and found a very established black woman poet. A black WOMAN of all things. She was 'offered' by her chief in her village to a white man who took her to America and sold her to another wealthy white family. She did earn helping around the house but in return she had her own room in the house, was dressed properly, went to church with them and received a very expensive education that lead to her passion and fame as a poet. The claim was false. I understand most were abused by their masters and even after Lincoln freed the slaves then was murdered the next president, Johnson, refused to recognize this law continuing segregation, and all that bullshit WE whites today had no hand in and can't quite comprehend the thought process of that time, until the 60's.That was the elite brainwashing the masses once again.

Your people started it. You can twist this anyway you like, you can deny it because it is a hard pill to swallow but it is the truth. The other illusion you have been told is that everyone was a slave owner, at least all white families had slaves. That is a lie. Here I'll show you.

Does this family look like they can afford a slave?

How about the ones below?

Most families were poverty stricken. They were kept this way by our own people who ran the states, forefathers to all the recent Presidents, in fact all are related in one way or another. Trump is likely the first outsider but I believe even he is related to one of the presidents past.

So now we are, our races, equal in status. Only the wealthy owned slave while you are told all whites owned one.

If you think the poor were few, think again. These people are waiting for welfare help. It is like today, always. 1% are the richest. 75% at least are you and me. The one at or one step away from welfare. The middle class are being eliminated for the coming NWO agenda. People will either be royalty or peasants. Just like the medieval days.

This began in the 60's and has progressed to half the families in America.

Why would we fight against something we are now blended with? We are connected, like it or not. For the Panthers to threaten whites is the same as threatening their own! Vise Versa.

Together we could stop the NWO. But sadly, we won't. Good luck and DON'T GET CHIPPED!

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