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Ramping It Up


I'm bored with this so-called current pandemic. Why keep it going? What is really in those vaccines that are so important they need to bribe the public and continue this fear-mongering theme? 'Have eyes but cannot see, have ears but cannot hear'. I see nobody dying in my town, my birth town, or anywhere else I know people. That should be contradictory to what they are selling in this article, not to mention in 2020's lockdown. Now they are making sure we fear the coming winter. If people do start dropping like crazy, the average sheeple will say 'See, told ya, the government was right!' and I would reply 'I see death came only after the vaccines. Explain this to me please" and they won't be able to fall back on but one difference. We all stayed in and now we are not. (except me, the homeless community, and everyone I know.) A weak argument at best.

The idea that the corona episode of the elites running series of shows is as deadly as the Spanish flu only gives me pause to question if Spanish flu happened at all. They emphasize that the population was smaller back then giving them validation with the numbers, but this is inaccurate because had the population been the same it would have done one of two things. The first being if the deadly flu was as they described it would have killed more people, or the second option is that it was all propaganda and it was nothing more than what the Corona has turned out to be, nothing. This leads to another question. Was the Black Plegue real or did a good storyteller produce it for our false history books? Everyone deserves an award if that's the case and I am beginning to think very little we learned in school is reality or at least is severely altered from the actual events. Like gossip in a small town twisting a stubbed toe at the corner store searching for the perfect can of vegetables into a decapitation while examining a saw at the hardware store. If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth even to the liar. However they twist the urgency and impending doom of the deadly Corona Virus it always sounds laughable. This article simply proves it.

They are sure to work your nerves questioning what terrible thing will Carona cost, especially for those whose business held on so far by the hair of its chinny chin chin, while shouting this comparison of how the Spanish Flu escalated as winter approached and we are right behind our winter season. It will serve its greater purpose having all the sheeple running to get the second and maybe a third vaccine by the end of it all. This is because America didn't sit well with being told what to do when it came to a vaccine invented in only months. The new fear-mongering consideration may convince those doubting Thomas's to get this shot they hope. I can set the record straight for the government right now. You are wasting your time. We see with our eyes and hear with our ears, and we will not be getting any jabs, ever!

I often ask myself after venturing into the public arena, like shopping for instance, and conversing with the clerk, if it is the Flouride in the water or whatever they bribe our towns leaders with to allow additives unknown into our water system (yes your town got paid for the approval to add flouride) or is it the chemtrails we inhale daily that is making these people even dumber than they were? Oh yes, many people I know and many family members I am related to also partner with the intelligence of the clerk. I am not biased, more like, humiliated.

Question everything!

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