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Real Cases of 'The Rudy Effect' Read Fourth

If you haven't yet scroll down to read the others, including symptoms.

Starting with 2012

Pamela McCarthy/June 13/Munnsville, NY/35 yrs

Her article is amazing because from beginning to end they insist she was on bath salts as if the toxicology report validated it. Clearly the officer stated 'the preliminary autopsy only revealed a heart condition.' So while insisting this woman and all others are on bath salts they don't even know. Would they question if the woman would take bath salts with a heart condition? Of course they did not follow up, it makes a better story than 'Gee no reason, sorry for the slander Pam' I looked but found no other articles since that day. I don't think drugs were involved.

Pam apparently began punching her 3 year old son and either was or there after stripped naked. Witnesses said she was growling while attacking the child. Then she turned her attention to some kids playing ball forgetting about the child and began running after them, naked. No witnesses to her behavior earlier in the evening, only while beating the son. Was this common or was she a good mom? While running after the kids a dog went past and she grabbed him. She was described as having her legs around him rolling around the ground and choking him in a choke hold. I believe she was biting the dog while looking as if she was only choking, she was simply restraining the dog while tearing at it. Another common denominator is how quickly they can be distracted or jump from one person to the next to anything closer. When the police arrived they could not settle her down. The officer tased her to attempt slowing her 200 pound ass down after she attempted to bite the officer but the taser did not phase her. She died of a heart attack but they claim they won't know if it was from the taser or bath salts. Ya, ok. It seems Pam had a heart attack only three days earlier. Why not do some drugs then, right? She had a heart attack and died at a hospital .

They say back in June 2012 they are waiting for the results of an autopsy that will take weeks or months. (Try to get a job and they will have the results in minutes). I looked for the results and there is nothing that gives us the results of why she did what she did. No validation it was bath salts or eliminating them. So, we will never know and people will assume it must have been.


A random list. Name, date, age, place, similarities:, cause.

1. Mario Vargas, 48, New Orleans, April 6, 2009 (earliest yet). No known cause. In neighborhood outside. Sudden onset of aggression. Stranger attack, yelling, disoriented, biting..Vargas had been released from a hospital 45 min. earlier for a finger injury.

2. Headlines 'Man was trying to eat dog alive: Witnesses' Unidentified man, Ontario Canada, Sept 26, 2012, Drugs suspected but Bath salts ruled out. In the Street outside. Attack of Pittbull, choke hold (as described with Pamela), biting neck and head. Disoriented with very little clothes on.

3. Sgt Mark Lee, A 18 year veteran of the local police force. NJ, Sept 18, 2012. Sudden onset of aggression. Crashed car, stripped off shirt while on duty. Entered random apt and attacked strangers in a wheelchair and a 4 year old son. Disoriented, kicked back of cruiser window after handcuffed and placed in car. 5 officers to subdue him after a short chase. Reason unknown.

4. Headlines 'Naked and bloody, gnaws on woman's head' Richard Cimino Jr. 20 yrs old. PA. Sept 7, 2012. drove car off road, stripped naked, broke into random home, climbed two stories, jumped from 2cd story window severely injuring arms and body (No pain)but did not halt. Bleeding heavily he attacked a woman walking by with another woman, gnawing at her head, screaming like an animal. delusional. Unphased by taser. Claims to have been determined to have a synthetic hallucinogenic O-Acetylpsilocan in his system. (Was it the cause or was it happenstance to be on drugs at the time?)

5. Professor teaching class at Michigan State University. Sudden onset of aggression. Unidentified male. Sept 30, 2012. Stripped naked, screaming nonsense, disoriented, banging head against window. Reason Unknown.

6. Headlines 'Ragpicker in China held for gnawing woman's face, biting cop' Unidentified male, 40, Oct 7, 2012, China. Attacked a stranger gnawing on her face . Super strength, half naked. Beat policeman, bit him, then overpowered. Reason unknown.

7. Gilbert Thomas Collar, 18 yrs old, Oct 6, 2012. University of South Alabama. Outside of Univ. Banging on window, naked, yelling, rushed at officer, shot in chest but after falling got back up and challenged officer before collapsing and dyeing. Reason unknown.

8. Jeremiah Aaron Haughee, 22 yrs old. July 10, 2012. St Augustine FL. Naked, biting and disfiguring man and biting cop, throwing furniture, urinating on self, climbing to roof, took 5 officers to restrain him in spite of taser, handcuffed, falling over a rail. Strength and no pain. Reason unknown. Drug test was not done because there is no law forcing a test. (WTF?)

9. Anthony Hill, 27 yrs old. Decatur Ga. March 2015. Outside apt complex. Knocking on doors, crawling on ground naked, charging after an officer was shot dead. He complained about a stiff neck according to girlfriend. He stopped taking bi-polar medication but she saw no difference in behavior. He was planning on dinner to celebrate he & girlfriends 3rd anniversary that evening but he never made it. These people protested police brutality over this. No cause determined.



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