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Saving the world again? The Global Warming Lie

Do you believe in global warming climate change? Which is it exactly?

These elitist seems to think their job is to save the world for the very people they despise, you and me. The very people they create different ways to genocide without our knowing. They create Ebola, AIDS, Polio, etc just to create cures that help enhance some other diseases. They create vaccines for diseases that are minor irritations that will cure themselves if left alone, only to create a disease from the very vaccine they say will help us. Cancer, SIDS, Death, etc. They create climate change then fly in their carbon jets to spread the word. They even have an ' executive secretary of U.N. Climate Change ' which tells me they have a special club just for this. The UN Climate Change Club. So serious is this they made a special department for it and have had a conference at the Vatican. I did not know this, did you?

If the Pope is involved and hosting the mentioned event there must be something unsavory going on. The name is interesting too. The Vatican’s International Conference was titled “Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth.” Is he talking to other countries when referencing our common home or his reptilian species and humans? In a commercial for, vitamins I think, at the end it says '...So you can be the human you were meant to be...' what the hell does that mean??? That was a commercial on TV. Since when did people start calling people humans? Did they think an Ape might want to try some? I don't understand.

There is no global warming. It is summer. Some summers are hotter than others, some winters are even warm. They cover the sun with chemtrails poison failing to explain why they are doing this but let us assume it is to dim the rays of the sun so that we don't burn up. They do this to prevent global warming while creating an ice age. You really need to pay attention to the snow this coming winter. It is fake, changed, corrupted. Touch it the snow will melt but the Ice on your stairs will not, even with a blow torch! It looks different and there are little balls laying with this abnormal snow I call 'chemballs' It was below ZERO for three weeks straight. I have never seen this in my life. I grew up in NH. What are they trying to do?

As far as natural changes that may be happening we would never know since they are using that HAARP weather machine. They admitted it so don't shake your head like I am insane. They used a laser to create the very selective fires of hell in California. People saw this and swore they were some kind of beam coming from a helicopter and later Nasa admitted they were testing and successful with 'laser beams' Who are they testing on? Cars do not melt onto the road however hot it gets during a forest fire. A forest fire does not destroy one neighbor but bypass the next or destroy a neighborhood without destroying the forest surrounding it. You figure it out. I suspect most will ignore pertinent facts and just make excuses how this is possible. After all, tornadoes skip houses!!! Ya, ok sweetheart.

The executive secretary of U.N. Climate Change Pat Espinosa says we need an ARK of ambition. She says " It’s the story of a great flood that took place long ago. While different cultures tell it in different ways, most outline how humankind not only had warned that rising waters were coming, but that those warnings were ignored " No Patricia, it was Noah that warned them and there were no casual changes it just rained and never stopped. But since you worship Lucifer but claim to know the Holy book (like Obama) just keep on mumbling to your fellow Luciferians like the Pope himself.

Don't worry, I plan on blogging about the Luciferians so stop shaking your head, again.

Patty goes on to say " Every day we are seeing evidence of climate change and its devastating impacts on populations around the globe.” No, Pat, we see CERN, Chemtrails, and HAARP at work devastating populations around the globe. Do you know what they all have in common? Science. Manmade. Unnatural creations.

Patty calls for “centralized transformation” that “is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different.” I've heard the Gov't talk about great things that will make life better but it never did and still is not. In fact, while they blame the little people they so arrogantly hold themselves above while creating illusions, we see who the real danger is. It isn't humankind either. I know why they do not like mirrors.

What does she mean by this? "This [U.N. climate change action] is a centralized transformation that is taking place because governments have decided that they need to listen to science. So it’s a very, very different transformation and one that is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different.”

There are two things to consider here 1. a centralized transformation 2 is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different

I am afraid to ask how considering Agenda 21 & 33 call for moving everyone in the countryside into the urban areas. (No more farmers) We must keep in mind the NWO they are desperately trying to impose upon us. In order to have a 'World Order', they must control us by keeping people (or as they call us humans) in one localized place and microchipped.

You might contemplate why they feel the need to do this.

I have my ideas but most will just shake their head, again.

Let me leave you with this. At the 2010 TED where speakers address global issues such as Global warming/climate change, Bill Gates addresses his innovation to reduce carbon to nearly ZERO. Remember, plants need carbon to 'breath' every time we breathe we give breath to plants and vice versa. Everything is connected. I thought this was basic science Bill? So here is a clip-on of how we (them) can achieve this goal. Keep in mind that all of the USA population can fit in the state of Alaska. So what overpopulated planet is he talking about?

UPDATE: Of course YouTube took it down.

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