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Short And Sweet point made

Years ago when I had 6 kids I only needed to worry about rent, phone and electric.

No water, no fuel bill. No mandatory car or health insurance.

Phone & cable were optional but most all had a reliable landline.

No internet , cell phone bill.

There were more speeding tickets issued while now DUI's surpass speeding.

People questioned everything and listened to what others found unconvincing in a situation,while now even when someone sees, hears or reads about something that does'nt seem quite right they believe it just because the majority do, and are unwilling to consider another's alternative consideration.

Calling someone names such as stupid or idiot has always been but usually referred to during arguments or as a joking gesture while now, any sort of discussion that leaves another appearing more knowledgeable is subject to a slew of berating words without explanation of why they are thought of so poorly.

You called a doctor not go to the emergency room and you were seen the next day, not two weeks later.

You went to a doctor only for body issues, not for your emotions.

If you made $250 working, you'll come home with $230.00. The new and improved technological tax time offers $125.00 if you're lucky. And then you have to file at the end of the year often to pay even more.

Boys would shy up to a girl to ask them out not text someone you never met to decide if a date should be made with a person whose picture may be an imposter.

Men dated maybe an excess of three woman while convincing all they were the only one and expected a rejection for intimacy the first night but still paid for the date, but now, men message as many as they chose while offering a dutch date and are fully convinced sex would be forthcoming on the first date. People were more likely to be faithful or at the least discretionary. Lies, blame and denial are the three common traits amongst people, individual and in couples lives now.

Back then you lived life then died or died living life. Not just pay bills and die.

But then again, discipline and human affection for kids is a hard thing to come by these days.

Just enjoy the ride with a shotgun on your lap, not a glass of lemonade, when this generation grows up.

Just saying what I witnessed. America is on her death bed because of greed and vanity. Make people pay until there is nothing else left to give and those who suffer from it will be the kids. The kids, who only learn from the current standard of life.

Once there was a standard. A line few crossed and the unspoken law of respect.

Today there is only chaos.

What road are we headed down? Where will this road take us?

A bumpy road towards a dark, barren place.

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