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Shoving A Pandemic Fear in us. Why?

April 30, 2018 =

July 29, 2018 =

July 30, 2018 =

And I read about how the CDC says Avian Flu could be the next pandemic to wipe out millions around the globe. I did a blog on it. Look for it. I think I called it 'It's like they want it'

Well I think they do and are trying to prepare us for the CDC's next big send off be it Ebola or some weird Flu. Bill Gates warned us 'IT IS COMING!!!!!" I'm sure his vaccination is already in place. Then CDC tells us about an Ebola case that wasn't. If it wasn't then why tell us? And being the CDC why don't they know what he has? Instead they say 'Doctors said the patient had been improving. They suspected his symptoms could be a variety of illnesses.' Really, could be anything? Again I ask 'Why bother mentioning it?' Why go on to explain the symptoms? Certainly we had enough when they faked it coming to the USA during the last round of 'EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE' but as I knew no one in America did.

Now the UK says experts warn a pandemic could wipe out 900 million people!!!!! So they simulate it with a engineered pathogen more lethal than SARS (which was not lethal at all) calling this creation a new type of parainfluenza, known as Clade X. They even named their possible future man made pet. Why?

Why the hype, warnings of anything from Mutated Avian Flu to Ebola to a new manufactured flu all going to kill everyone you love. I suppose it would be good to have to fuck up elections. Has anyone noticed less chemtrails in the sky? I mentioned at the end of winter that though I saw chemtrail planes and clouds I did not see much of a trail wondering if this was something they sprayed that would ignite whatever aerosol we breathed into our lungs and we would all drop dead. I even made mention about how they would say it was a killer virus that caused the suffering and deaths. Maybe I am not to far off the mark.

Whatever it is, where ever it begins and who ever it spreads too they certainly are screaming it at us. If it happens I already know it did not just naturally occur and the experts were right on the money. I'd say it is one way to take our guns and round us up. So get some food stocked, blankets and bleach and do what we do every year, prepare to die! I wonder if the Megaquake will beat the Government and fuck up all their neatly planned well in advance next crises?

Stock up on Vit D. Stock up on all the vitamins and DON'T get Vaccinated for ANYTHING!

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