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The Tangled Webs We Weave

I'm confused. I know transgenders are confused but I know what I am and listening to them confuses me about life in general. You're born a boy, you have a dick yet you demand everyone accepts you as a girl? Including the DMV and the girls in school and the girls bathroom. How's that?!

I say this with a cause in mind from two separate articles. I agree if you are 16 of age you know pretty much which direction you are going in. Great, but has anyone explained cause and effect to these kids. There is a reason God made genders. One for reproduction purposes and two so that we could tell who is who. A boy wants to dress up as a girl (as in his life he does) and get a driver's licence picture. The problem is understandable. I say if your dick still hangs and you haven't had a sex change you're still a dude. None the less if you're a boy (regardless of how you like to dress and act) then you need to take off the costume and respect the authorities. All I am saying is this entire immoral 'Do what thou wilt' is creating a more unsettling and confusing atmosphere on the planet. I can not agree with it and should not be forced to. I respect any living person as a human being but I don't have to accept how they live. I will not bully, insult or antagonize a person. I don't care what you are or how you live but there are lines to be drawn and the DMV has drawn there's. It is the way it is. The same goes for a muslim woman hiding her face at the DMV. Take the scarf off. Same difference. Leave your costume at the door and stop thinking everyone should change things just for your sweet ass. You are not that special.

Then there is the 5 year old boy. He is a BOY, mommy! In fact this mommy is unfit! It is obvious to me she wanted a girl and persuaded her child son to be one. She has now brainwashed this boy into thinking it is A OK where ever he is and everyone will accept this one way or another. When my daughter puts on make up my 3 year old grandson watches and imitates her. Does it mean he knows he wants to be a girl? No. If a little boy spends all his time with a mother he will learn to cook, imitate her make up sessions and might even take up embroidery. It does not mean he will not find an interest in sports or girls as he grows out of those dresses mommy has encouraged the "Do what thy wilt" lesson, which is satanic by the way. What on earth will she possibly tell him later if he starts liking girls in another way. Right now he doesn't know any different, It's like a continuous costume party for him and for mommy it's cute. But when puberty hits, no one really knows. The boy could do a hundred degree turn and in the end find himself in a very confusing position and compromised emotional mind set. He could end up resenting his mother beyond repair. Boys won't be his best friend and girls won't want to date him. What then? When my son was about two my daughter used to dress him in dresses for play, we laughed about what a cute girl he would make. After playtime he wore his pants again. My son has more girlfriends than he knows what to do with and loves to cook. He knows how to sew his clothes to patch them, add a button that fell off and loves babies. He is a man still. If we decided "hey, he likes dresses let us tell him it's ok" We have just encouraged a boy into thinking he can be a girl before he ever had a chance to decide. Now a days when girls climb trees or have more boy besties and like to play baseball more than dolls it means she will be a lesbian and this people, is a lie. Tom boys are adorable but it does not mean they will want to be a man. If, like the pitts daughter, it is encouraged and treat the child like the opposite gender of who they are, they will assume it is who they will always be. You are messing with mother nature. Not everyone is this fucked up. Don't assume your cute tyke has carved their mark in life at the age of 5. This takes us to the bathroom debate. What a joke, pampering this mommy who fights to keep her son a daughter. Who is she to force other little girls to accept and understand how ever confusing they find it. The kid is a boy! Go to the boys bathroom! Take your costume off! Why should all of society have to alter the natural laws of life for your special asses! What is he/she going to do when he/she is a teenager? The mommy says she understands how uncomfortable it could get.....and that's it. She doesn't care how uncomfortable it will get. In fact she has NO CLUE how uncomfortable this could get in his and her future. Wait until Jr high! She is counting on everyone just being used to it and accepting it by that time. She is counting on the moral decline of society to really be in place by then. What a unholy bitch!

Best to teach them consequences and responsibilities for the actions they take now and stop teaching them that the world revolves around their every desire. Let the little ones know the difference between girls and boys and draw the line until, they later in life decide to cross it. Then accept it. At least it will be THEIR choice and not your's making it for them.

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