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Still In Your Bubble? Who Really Wants Abortion

There are not enough tears to save them. We are not overpopulated. It isn't about that. We are not going hungry unless by design by the elite. It isn't about hunger. We are not dying by a pandemic that won't be placed with deliberate action by the elite and most are not mentally unfit as psychologist have society believing via bonuses by big pharma for encouragement.

It isn't about physical or mental health.

It's about Lucifer and monetary gain.

Monetary is easy. It means dead babies are profitable as already proven by planned parenthood. This is no longer a theory. It is a conspiracy equally as monstrous as NASA.

Lucifer is more complex because of the many paths it leads to. Sacrifice, consumption, legal murder and child abuse to name a few.

Which side are you on in the deceptive, misunderstood and illusional reality called your life? There are only two sides with a million excuses that hide the truth. Good or bad? Righteous or evil? The good masking murder with 'woman's rights' The evil saying it outright what their reason is that is no longer a closet secret because Lucifer's children believe they have already won a battle most refuse to believe is ongoing or ever was while God's children are oblivious to what is going on anyway and easily swayed however blaten the point.

Killing innocent newborns or preborns is not a punishment from God on society but the cause of the coming punishment. Try to see that you are in no control save for participation or willful rejection. What happens surrounding your decided choice would likely happen anyway on Earth but not after your timely passing back home to where God reigns over all including over Lucifer and his children.

First you need to watch this video below but grab a tissue box first.

Second you need to wake the fuck up to what abortion is really all about!

Third you need to stop the denial of the after effect of your newly awoken consciousness.

Being dismissive does not prevent accountability.

The Covens of the elite have already used the very space of the twin towers for the largest single sacrificial offerings to their father and God on Sept 11. Now they continue through this celebration of full term abortions at that very same spot to offer the sacrifice of the most helpless and innocent, the babies. They do this as a defiant, vulgar, disdain against what God treasures and commanded. 'Do not harm a single hair on a child's head' and they do this with many of God's own childrens approval.

There are no excuses for the death of a living being before their entry into the world we live in when C-sections have been successfully profected to save lives during complicated pregnancies. So please humor me with your excuses now.

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