Stop Drugging And Start Listening

Children who are angry and acting out are unhappy kids. This comes from one of three things. An incident they can't accept that has traumatized them or physical abuse or mental abuse. Mental abuse can come in many forms. A constant control or verbal belittling made to feel guilty about everything they do. A combination. I knew my own daughter was not a patient or loving mother but I thought it was just her age. I knew she had issues embellishing anything that happened to her and I knew she was narcissistic. How does a parent detect that one child is not maturing as fast as the others and just needs more time to learn more things that will bring them around or if they are just born a bad seed that through their innocence as a child went undetected?

I never brought my children to see a counselor or placed them on any kind of medication. We lived the natural, as God intended, old-school way. We dealt with our problems ourselves. I have seen families who thought their child was overly rebellious or hypoactive and once the kids were on psych meds they grew to be complete brats. So what went wrong? Either the child has evil tendencies by nature and meds can't fix that, or the issue always remained, and as long as the cause behind the behavior is not addressed then medication will fail.

My own daughter simply has evil tendencies. Her heart is difficult for her to feel with unless it pertains to her. So where does that leave her son? After he lived with me through summer, his first-grade year, another summer, another school year, and two weeks into his second school year he returned to his mother. (over 18 months that she denies to this day) all my other adult children begged me to take custody but I couldn't and this would prove to be the biggest mistake I will ever in my lifetime make. I wouldn't know it right away though. For a while everything appeared to be as it should, but then, I never really crossed her before.

The changing of stories as to why she wants me 'supervised' changed with each person she talks to. I know the truth and it is so petty she will never admit it, but I will not deviate to anything else because that was when, out of the blew, she wouldn't let me see him anymore. Her little sister had become the blunt end of her psychological beating and as a mother always I scolded my daughter for it and told her how wrong she was. That is what this is all about. She is punishing me and she will carelessly use her own son to do it since that is all she has I would be upset by.

I don't know how far she goes with him but what I do know is that at the age of 9 my grandson has begun fighting back. She is demanding without compliment. He even has to ask for a drink of water. I was not this way with my children so I have no opinion but that she was born with this type of personality. I honestly thought as the boy grew older and more independent the easier it would get. This was not how it went at all. She is just mean to a greater fault than most and the poor boy is born into it with no way to escape.

The purpose of all this has to do with a Psychiatrist or counselor. I am convinced she put him on meds and now she claims he went to a facility and that I am the trigger because all he does is talk about me. He talks but no one is listening. Why would a doctor say this? Was she lying or was she embellishing things to the doctor rendering the boy's words unimportant regarding anything he says? Can he speak the truth? Are the meds working? No, She facilitated him. She designed this perfectly so I was by doctors orders out of his life. Bravo. She is in control. She will never release him because it would take her control away. Her personal bargaining chip and these aspects of her this superhero doctor prescribing meds and ousting a person based on my daughter's embellished experiences which I can bet most are lies and this doctor will never request or be granted a meeting with, by the boys own conversations with this doc, the most important person in his life. And I am not embellishing. I don't need to.

My stance on children is that not one child needs to be drugged into suitable behavior. Just look into the people they live with to find the problem. I'm going after my grandson. I'll get visits through courts at some point. If she thinks I will just walk away by frustration or guilt she best rethink her view of me and remember that one thing all her siblings do and that is when I decide something, I do it.

In my sorrows, I made a 5-minute video of a song I wrote for my daughter in reference to this situation and what I have come to learn. It is sad but written perfectly. I can't sing so I just wrote my lyrics in a nicely displayed point. I have two others of my grandson during better days on my you-tube channel that is accessible through this video.

God Bless the loving grandparents!

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