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Stupid Is As Stupid Does. And People Are Stupid

Ya I said people are stupid because people are stupid. There are degrees of stupid though. I'm stupid when I look for the cell phone i'm talking on. That causes a chuckle. Some people are stupid when they walk into a tree texting. Cause a head scratch before a smile of dumbfounding amusement.

Then there are these people! Causing no smile just a look of awe while uttering the sentence 'Are they fucking stupid or what!'

They pay $100.00 a ticket, $200.00 a pair and you know your going with someone, to not see a long past dead ex famous singer.

Whatever the effect of those chemtrails falling on our heads soaking into our skull and floating around our open mouths drifting into our lungs I would have to say this is one effect. Losing the ability to know what's important or what's real. A dead ex singer is not fucking important considering where everyone finds themselves in today's modern, no gender, guilty upon accusation judicial system, core incompetency, entitlement, everyone hates everyone, underpaid, overpriced, robotic, all lieing world. That's just off the top of my head, there are hundreds more ridiculous but current shit stuff out there. Even if I had $200.00 to burn for no good reason I still wouldn't burn it going to not see someone. Lotto tickets are a waste of money but even buying $200.00 worth of lotto you might still get something substantial out of it!

But to see a holograph preform? What do you get out of it? What do you share with people about this experience? "Hey guess where I went last night? To see Roy Orbison!'

'Isn't that guy dead?' or 'Who the fuck is that' After all It has been 30 years since the prick died.

'Ya, he died but look at this pic and video I got for eternal memories since I can knock off another deed from that bucket list'

'Dude, he didn't die? You mean that was a long ass publicity stunt?'

"No, it's a hologram'

'oh. So you didn't really see him perform. You just watched a fake ass moving picture and listened to a CD. Where was this?'

'At the Wiltern Theater and I filmed the whole thing on my cell phone, you want to see..?'

'Not really. So your saying you went to a theater and saw ...basically a movie of the guy?'

'Well, no. It was live. It's as close to seeing him live as I'll ever get!'

'How? He wasn't there. Thirty years removed. How are you any closer to seeing HIM in person when he is dead and that is a movie character. He wasn't there! and you filmed the whole thing on your cell? Tell me something, after he popped up like a cartoon out of the floor and you screamed like a sixties schoolgirl standing in front of the real Beatles band, but for you it was more like virtual reality without the headset void of personality, emotion, flesh or LIFE, when were you able to sit back and enjoy this costly deception if you were staring into your cell phone the whole time to film every useless moment of your fake ass memory? Tell me that?'

After a shocking bubble burst they'll reply 'Your an asshole'

At which point I would respond 'Better an asshole with money than $100.00 short and stupid'

This will catch on so rich people can con your stupid ass out of more money. There will also be consequences unlike these celebs families future lawsuits they discuss in the article, such as using a hologram to frame someone for a crime or revenge. While people pay big money to see the real thing they are handed a lie (may not even be told) while the real entertainers are laughing from the comfort of their yacht in burnumda on your dime from a concert they never performed.

How can people think holographs are acceptable on any level. The day of the great deception as spoken in the bible has arrived and stupid people will (an do) love it! So when I said on another blog I thought certain that more than a few people already died yet here they are giving interviews while talking about the great life they have still active at age 95. Maybe they are dead. Maybe those interviews and few short public displays are an advanced Holograph.

How will we determine any truth when everything is a lie or at least an illusion?

And yes, they told us it was coming a long time ago.

Like everything else from computers, cell phones to 911.

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