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Tearing Apart Corona

I have to start with this article. I don't care about other countries because they say we now have this virus exploding in America. I am now only concerned with my homeland where if it is a false flag (as I believe) then I will be concerned with the 'whys' of the participation of other countries.

This article claims that devastation happened upon one family as the virus traveled through so many countries and families finally finding a place the media can exploit amongst the most unlucky group of relations I've seen thus far. It begins with a son & Daughter in their fifties, both dying in the same week. This time, however, these unlucky sibs had no underlying conditions! Be afraid, very very afraid.

Then nineteen other family members were quarantined with one in stable condition at a hospital. If that isn't enough the patriarch mother of eleven (a great tear-jerking additive) passed from the virus never knowing her two children had already died. This makes you think 'It's imposing kill is quickening' and you'll probably think of the black plague because it literally killed off entire families (long before they were able to fake it). You may limit yourself to the Spanish flu which after this I doubt happened either. It's just that false flags have been going on for a long long time and since we were warned just prior to Michael Jackson's death not to believe our history books because he said, they are all lies. After watching how they can erase history during the Obama Admin. I believe him. the Spanish flu is a part of the history books. So either the flu never happened or it didn't happen the way they tell it. One lie is enough to question all truths.

The issue I have with this article is that it pushes the virus (I believe the common flu they dubbed Corona probably while drinking one) into overdrive. People will start to think everyone will die from it when it only appears to only take those who probably have to watch their health more closely during every flu season. The other concern is the mentioning of the nineteen family members in isolation. They don't mention where they are isolated but what we are told to do is 'stay home.'

This is what Fox News has to say "People who have confirmed coronavirus illness should stay home, as should those who were in close contact with a confirmed case." Do you see the problem? If we are told to stay home if we have symptoms yet they say it is deadly then are they asking us to wait until it's too late?

Then there are the whole homeless folks who can not just stay home since they don't have one and while they tell us there is a curfew at 8 PM or else but they also say it does not apply for the homeless and those people can go on as usual without a remedy for them.

On a paper I received in the mail explaining what we should do, I read we were to stay in to avoid social interaction (Something people need to survive by nature) with the exception of shopping, visit a doctor, or even just get some exercise, like jogging. Yes, you heard that right, exorcise! My dog will need to walk too. Then while restaurants are closing they keep the fast foods open (Good, healthy choice) but closing the door to prevent the public from entering while allowing these deadly germs to pass between the window person and the customer. The window person will then pass it to fellow co-workers and the customer brings the germs to his family. Does that make any sense?

Also, there is the issue of separating everyone. Don't converse with family or friends while out and the lonely elderly in nursing homes are denied visitors and those admitted to the hospital must go alone during their most frightening experience knowing if they die it will be without the support and comfort of loved ones. My question for those they know won't make it is why not give those relations a hazmat suit. They could limit it to one person but how heartless is it to say nobody?

Picture this scene. Your're seventy-year-old mum is coughing and has difficulty catching her breath. You bring her to the nearest (empty) hospital and nurses come outside to greet you and bring mom inside alone. You are to self contain the family at home until test results come back. A kiss and hug then off mum goes to be treated for coronavirus. You never see her again. Her body is cremated and all you have is their word for everything you need answered. How cruel is that to rob you of her passing while you may or may not self contain, they don't know if you will? Meanwhile, the general public must also voluntarily stay home unless you need a doc, meds or exorcise.

I thought it was airborne and that's why we stay home to combat it. Who knew?

Let us look at the new headlines on just one newspaper.

Bill Gates calls for total social isolation policy to slow spread...

I wrote a blog about him. His sick soul wanted something like this to happen. He smiles and is excited pretending to be the expert. What he really wants is depopulation. He doesn't want to share his space and air with us lil people. We are beneath him. Blog

Nation facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars...

Thats bullshit! The trucks are still running and if you skip by the dollar tree or dollar store they have toilet paper, medicine, pet food and our food! So I guess if walmart empty's their shelves and is being stocked dailey it means what they decide, and to further razzle our feathers, they say no one has enough food.

Instead of thinking to themselves no one is sick, because if hundreds of people were you can bet they would be in the emergency room, they think 'Am I getting laid off over this?' A nurse of all careers being laid off?. I have to laugh now.

People are not ill at all and this proves it.

Half-mile line for food Orlando bank...

Again with the food shortage, food banks and now long ass lines. I guess if we stand six feet from the guy in front and back of us it would spread out. But, a half mile?

None of these except the empty emergency rooms have I seen. The part I feel intrigued by is what people afar say to me. For instance my friend from New Jersey. She tells me it is a real thing because she saw videos from other countries. She says she knows a lot of dying people when I asked if she knew anyone. Turns out her sister knew many because she worked in a nursing home around old people and they were dying because of covid-19, my friend believes her sisters stories. The problem from sitting outside of her view is that I know there are people who need to be a part of something big, like a world killing virus. How often does this pass by our mundane, average eventful and common life? I'm still not convinced and my friends talks about how so many cases have come up but again she is reading a newspaper. I ask if in her business as a delivery girl she is missing clients or they look ill she said 'well no, most of my elderly customers stay inside.' Which has what proof there is a virus? She claims that in counties surrounding her area (But not her county) are beginning to create massive grave sights to burn the dead. I told her to go find one of them.

I'll bet they are real because when you purge any population you need mass graves. Purge Election year

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