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Fountain Of Youth In Teens Blood?

And they are getting this blood how? Does not say! But for $8000 I'm pretty sure none of us will be trying it anytime soon. In our Face! Easier to kidnap teens than babies. Teens run away a lot. The Elite have been doing this forever you know. Now they can make you think it's all ok because it's a business.

Still want that Microchip in your body where they can take your kid and laugh at you because your chip, livelihood, everything you are to survive in this world is in that itty bitty chip and they control it! You know who, the ones who can afford $8000 to pretend they'll grow younger. The Queens been eating young blood for years and look at her!

No one lives past 120 guys and you will be old, grey and weak. It's natural. Nature has to reverse your beauty and strength or you would want to live forever and no one can do that! I suppose you could go to your grave looking awesome at 100 but what good is it.

The wealthiest are so afraid of dying. We know why though, they are Luciferians and they don't like their home or father. Very dysfunctional down there.

I wonder what kind of illnesses could sneak their way into those peoples bodies? It could after testing. Maybe the blood clean going in can turn deadly later. I don't think I want to mess with sophisticated cannibalism. I know people get transfusions for deadly health reasons but thats an emergency, not because we are being superficial.

They wouldn't have to even do this if they ate organic!

This is all sorts of gross and warped.

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