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The Corona Cause Revealed

CDC announced that wishing anyone 'happy birthday could spread the corona virus, even if you muffle it through a face mask.' They have concluded that 'happiness is the cause of the corona-virus'. That's why businesses are open again forcing potential carriers back to work and should in fact extend these persons hours while with- holding their check using the excuse that the company is waiting for the governments stimulus checks. Everyone knows birthdays only come once a year but if the graduates can make a sacrifice then so can you! If your still breathing after CDC spices this coming flu season up with a real killing flu they can easily pass out to the people in a vaccine, we will celebrate then.

Stay in weather you can breathe or not and go back to work and above all get that coming vaccine! You are blessed to have a birthday you can really remember for years to come while unable to throw a party, unable to understand what people are saying through their masks like happy birthday dude! and being forced to contemplate your years on earth like....will suicide be a better option than this isolation loneliness?

Don't smile or feel happy just put the mask on and go buy some liquor since that always was an 'essential need for people then go to McDonald's. Another essential need for people. Hospitals, woman's shelters and homeless shelters are not essential since they hinder the progress of depopulation.

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