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The Corona Virus Hoax-Updated-corrected-updated again

I had to update just to add this. I'm flippin about Netflix searching for a good horror movie when I run across a documentary called 'PANDEMIC How to prevent an outbreak'. If you can't see how they line these things up to frighten you I just don't know what to say. It is such manipulation to have an 'accidental flu' they say could kill everyone just as they release a movie about just that. What luck! Naturally they bring vaccines into it so we know where this is headed. I bet that's how they microchip us since many won't want to. I wonder what's really in that chip?


Who thought the name up? What possessed them to name a virus after a great beer. Corona is the only imported beer I like and now on the rare occasions I drink one I will be thinking of a weak useless flu scare. How pathetic is that. Thanks Gov't peeps? Always making sure to ruin every pleasure there is.

Let's talk about this latest scare. Does anyone understand simple math? There are over one billion people in China. Last I read twelve people died. What's the panic? Repeat of Ebola except we don't bleed and I doubt we die in (might want to say this in a whisper like the movie) 7 days.

Let's look at the symptoms. Cough, fever and difficult breathing. I experience that every single winter. Seems like a real nasty chest cold. But the powers that be decide to say 'panic' and you do? Their symptoms suck, their death story sucks and haven't we been through this before, the scare I mean. Remember the killer flu from Mexico. You all got shaky and ran for the nearest vaccine clinic because 'they' said so. And who was 'they'? I'll tell you who, Mr Obamashithead right after he returns from a trip to Mexico . Why wasn't he dead? That's all I could ask. He went there to align this dumbass story with Mexico officials not for pleasantries.

Are you going to do it again? Seriously? You know they'll have some kind of vaccine for you. What you don't know is that everyone who died from this new and improved fakery were probably sick already. All those 12 out of one Billion.

Join me in protesting by not falling for it, by not encouraging them, by not panicking, by not getting the shot they will try to sell you later. Let's unite and tell them to go to hell. Just stop believing what they say and let's see how nice life can be when we don't listen to 'them.'

Time to wake up Sheeple, you're being played again and for God's sake take an abundance of vit C if you really want to combat that nasty chest cold you may not even get.

They are now at 360 dead out of 1 billion. Still not a reason to panic. That's if they are telling the truth. CDC admitted to manufacturing numbers on your everyday flu saying they didn't even know if anyone died directly by the flu. Let that sink in.

Please, quit being so dramatic!

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