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The Jayme Closs Scam

Here is the 911 call that was drawn out for 30 minutes. They really wanted us to hear this, though they selected which parts. It is ridiculously amature from beginning to end. For instance these people call because they have a kidnapped 13 year old who escaped by just walking out the door of the house and bypasses an entire road of homes before asking a woman walking her dog for help. Look at the picture, how many homes did she pass she could have run too. Why, as the bad man could possibly drive up at any moment, does she strole (not running in a panic or fear) around the neighborhood a good distance without stopping in one of those yards?

This woman takes her to another persons home instead of her own but the reason was not revealed. She simply says 'I wanted to take her to a safe place' Your homes not safe? The neighbor three houses down has better cocoa? They were standing right in front of her house for god's sake! Why do they walk further down? No clarification.

So a woman from the house calls 911. When the female dispatcher asked for her address she responds 'Gordon WI' thank God she let the Dispatcher from Gordon, WI

they'll find her now for sure! What I found really odd was that the dispatcher did not correct her and insist on a street so officers could get a move on. The dispatcher never asked her condition until a question, silence, talking in the background, silence then more talking about how she was found and all this without the woman's address or considering this kidnapped victim is probably traumatized and harmed. By now I assume other officers (actors) have figured out who this kid is and are racing with an ambulance and guns in case the assailant returns during their time at the house picking the girl up. After all she must be so very scared and the family is now in danger. Best to secure the place before the criminal who already killed two adults in their own home no less, just to take the girl that now is a sitting duck and imposing everyone else at that house into a very clear dangerous situation should the killer return to find her gone. Time marched on.

I don't think they intended for this to turn into a comedy but that's what it is if you see the idiocy of it all. Once it kicks in, this reality, it will be anger that takes over. I'm wondering why feel like I'm the only one to see it. I don't have time to go step by step through the call but plan on it. For now I am posting the you tube call here for you to listen too and think about. I have also posted her case, an obnoxious photocopy photo which I pointed out the flaws for you to see LINK

I will be editing this post often. If you care. You should care. There are millions of real missing people of all ages going unnoticed while this town (who knows who the real culprit behind the scenes are)feels the need to create a fake scenario. If I was a parent of a missing child or anyone really I would be so angry I truly don't know how I would react. Wasting money,time, resources, airtime on a fable while missing people in real danger need them. The worst part is everyone involved from cops on knew about it. Like they did in Las Vegas and Boston.

Why would anyone go along with such a thing?


It took them 3o minutes to get there, to rescue a little girl who has been mentally, emotionally and should have been physically but for some reason rape or molestation was never mentioned, and knowing the killer is out there somewhere, a killer who used a shotgun to barge through two adults so he could kidnap a girl he apparently has no attraction towards, for no reason but to do it I guess, a killer who could potentially go door to door looking for her should he return.

If the police are only 13 minutes away why did it take 30? How long does it take to decide who should go where? By the time they finished some big plan as indicated by the dispatcher at the end they could have been dead and then suddenly sirens. I bet if someone reported their trash can was stolen they would be there in 5 min sirens blasting to take that report. The dispatcher was told the guy left and wasn't due back until midnight, that is what he told Jayme. So why not head out and pick her up aware he could show up but also aware there could be time to swoop in and grab the girl to safety.The best part is that apparently he was back already because 30 minutes after she first encounters the woman walking the dog the police when police finally showed up and spoke with Jayme, ten minutes later they pull him over near his home. Although first report I read was in his home without incident, the next pulled over in his car...those little discrepancies. Jayme sure was lucky. What if she had not run into the woman with the dog? She could have walked in a circle right back towards the house and he could have drove right up to her. I wonder what made him return so soon if he was supposed to be back much later? Jayme said he left all the time for hours at a time. And that leads to the big question no one I've found yet has asked 'Why did Jayme wait so long to escape?' And please stop with the excuse she is only 13. After a month she knew about how long he would be gone for if she says 'he goes for hours at a time' and apparently he tells her when he leaving. Lucky for the police he decided to return early and at the most convenient time.

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