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The Lunchbox Debate

There were a couple things I was thinking after reading this story. First reaction would be 'shame on that teacher, a sub at that, for interfering and sending a note home scolding the parent for the lunch they chose for their little girl'. How bad could the lunch be? Well, parents are pretty stupid these days. She might have meant well. Was she over sensitive about healthy eating, or a nutritional nut case? Was she just needing to show superior control over her position as a teacher? So I read on seeking to find what the big fuss was about.

I burst out laughing when I read that the father of the 8 year old second grader was a DOCTOR and one specializing in obesity Medicine at that. Something along the lines of having expert knowledge in health. The child according to daddy is a very independent girl who knows what's best for her even with out life's experience or the kind of education dad received. Certainly dad taught her the basics of his knowledge, right? Wrong. Pickles, string cheese and ham meat are great! You don't need bread to supply a good meal. I agree and try not to eat it myself. But it was the idea of four chocolate bars that had me laughing and understanding where the teacher was coming from. Really dad? Four and a bag of marshmallows? As a doctor should he know that one chocolate bar is suffice. Does he know chocolate that is ate on a regular basis or in large amounts (like any sugar products) not only causes obesity but also depression.

This dad who obviously doesn't understand the old school of raising kids when a parent monitored and insisted, not compromised with the children. The old school upbringing of kids resulted in respect, something these new improved techniques of self sufficient and independent decision making children as the doctor implores, are failing at everything in life that really matters. Look around at these kids today. Even the best or most successful collage kids are self absorbed sheep who know everything they decide themselves they know.

Selfies, loose sex, abortions, sleeping with both sexes very acceptable and the only way a person defines there worth in life is through monetary riches. Sorry but that is what I see in today's culture of new age child rearing where dad doesn't really have the say so anymore, he just compromises all the time. He thinks he is molding a reliable thinking machine whose independence relieves him of his parental duties. He isn't even just spoiling the kid he is forfeiting his parental obligation all together. Wait until she's 16. She won't listen to one word he says later in life because at the age of 8 dad said 'we leave it up to her' Why would you leave anything up to an eight year old? I bet she'll be ready to vote by the age of 12.

A scripture I read once said that children will rule the world. I marveled at that statement (I don't remember which verse and chapter) thinking what that could mean? Now I know when parents decided kids know best. I dread the next generation coming with so many parents who think they are super parents by treating the children like short adults, when really they just don't want to be bothered guiding them by telling them 'NO' but instead say 'Let's make a deal'. It seems to me that this child bringing not one but four chocolate bars (AKA:CANDY BARS) and a bag of marshmallows may not be ready to make decisions for herself just yet.

I guess if they are independent for their age....or is that neglected.....or demanding little spoiled brats redefined by using a big mature sounding word like 'independent'? For instance: 'She isn't neglected, she's independent' or 'She isn't spoiled or demanding she is just very independent'

The child, as any child does know, candy bars and marshmallows are exactly what's desired over what any school lunch has to offer! If you were a kid, what would you choose?


This is what an unsupervised, or as the new age parents say 'independent' child looks like

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