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The Podesto Pedophiles PartOne

These men (John and Tony) who are brothers are becoming noticed, not for the work one does on behalf of Hillary Clinton or these brothers own company, but because of their pedophile activities. If we followed their path it would take us to many others such as the Clintons, famous actors and musicians. It is all to clear and outspoken yet they remain untouchable. This should anger everyone. You can connect going back to 'The Franklin Conspiracy' to 'John Gosch' to 'Hunter Thompson' to 'Johnny Depp' to 'The Memphis five' and on and on the rabbit hole goes.

It really comes down to one important growing factor. Luciferianism. The real deal of Satanist cults who have the money to hide sins and the power to smile in the face of accusations. They may think Lucifer has their back though it really has to do with murderous, obnoxiously wealthy perverts that slithered their way to the top through birthright and upbringing. Lucifer has no ones back but his own. They cast spells on music and books going out to the public to buy and enjoy though it only says little for the musicians talent. Truth is while they chant their BS over items of entertainment they would have sold anyway. Their power is their money, not their chanting. Take the money away and each of them would be nothing but a bum on the road like everyone else. They are feared not of the power of spellcasting but of the bullet at the end of the gun or rope around a neck of anyone who leaks out the truth. After all there is a lot of money in sex trafficking.

Let's compare pictures to see how real and warped the Podesto's are. First Tony Podesto's Dining room. 1) The picture of the girl. 2) See the dining set for several people during a dining party. 3) placed nicely in front of windows offering a swampy view. Remember these and reflect. Ask yourself if the paintings are from a possible polaroid and not imagination?

I say this because serial killers like to keep photos or a keepsake to remember the moments.

Look at the girl on the wall. She must have been special. Here is a picture close up. I'd say Asian, age 10-12, clenching fist in fear, and the red shoes. Red shoes will be important. Color of shoes mean something. White for virgins? Red for eventual death? Who knows. I may not want to know. Remember the background also. You'll see a lot of that type of tile.

I'd prefer scenery as a dining room picture not a scared little girl. Why this in a room of entertaining for dinner? Was this girl dinner? If you don't believe they are cannibals look for the blog about cannibals. (Not done yet)

Here is an intriguing picture below that reminds me of the view while having dinner at the podesto's. They must offer entertainment right? Not just dinner but perhaps entertainment during dinner. The dead girl in a watery pond I think of as a swamp. Remind you of anything? There are a few of these....

All the same scenery, all resembling the view at Podesto's dining area.

I wonder how many adults and kids drowned on that property? This is sex trafficking of the elite. Who are they, where did they come from? International trafficking? Are their relatives still looking for them? Age matters little as you'll see in another blog. This isn't just about the Podesto brothers , it is about Covens. Remember they invited people over and people came to dine. This brings the artists into it, Marina Abramovic who is very good pals with Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. The list of witches goes on and on once you look at Marina. But this is just the dining area of Tony Podesto this time.

Enough. But not finished. Look for blog 2 soon.

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