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The Purge.Election year. No coincidences

I am super tired but I need to get this out after reading what Alex Jones had to say which was what I have been telling people for almost a year. He has been using the word 'Purge' to describe his recent eviction from all social media and several times I have heard this in news articles about random topics. 'Purge' as if they want us to get used to hearing the word.

Long before 911 happened the movie 'Back to the future' was made and everything screamed 911. I think Purge: Election year is another one of those films but the government is speeding things along so we won't have to wait ten years, in fact either this year or by 2020 things will really fuck up and not in our favor. They have to create a false flag to turn us against one another because their efforts to get us to have failed. Dramatics must happen. This will be in an effort to completely take our guns and erase the constitution. They will not want people like Alex reporting on it or any of us communicating what is going on in different parts of the USA. Keep in mind the Simpsons predicted 911 several times and they also predicted Trump's election and assassination. Will they fake it or will he be mortally wounded and survive bringing a Biblical value to his purpose on Earth. Of course it will end in deception regardless.

Heres your tell tale event intended, in our face, complimentary of 'The Purge: Election year'

On the left is the movie screenshot where a woman president and the head of security for the president who ultimately betrays her. But we have the look a likes beside them like a mirror image, dressed the same down to hair off neck, hands up, red dress, dark suit with blue tie. What are the odds?

The differences are that the movie a woman is president and during election a woman is running for president. The movie indicates the president is the good guy and the man beside her is the bad guy, In life during the election the president is a good guy and the woman beside him is the bad guy. The other difference is the eye glasses the president is wearing. She 'sees' the evil and what must be done. No one is wearing eye glasses on the right because neither Trump or Hillary sees what is evil or at least they may chose not to or to do anything about it. If that isn't enough to make your hair stand there is much more.

The night of purge is basically rioting and slaughtering each other with significant property damage. Expect rioting that they have failed to accomplish between gun laws, muslims, immigration and racial tension. They will have to form a huge false flag but remember, we can stop them by not reacting as they want and expect us to. We have managed so far to severely disappoint them.

The cover of the film. The first thing I noticed was the election year theme 'Keep America Great' while Trump's election theme is 'Make America great again' Coincidence? Though this movie was released in July 2016 one must remember that from script to filming to release this movie was in the making before Trump was openly determined. They knew it because all are chosen but not by the people. This movie is deliberate through the Masonic inner knowledge of what is planned to come as was Back to the future.

Guns are a big part of the agenda and look at the automatic weapons which has been the topic of every false flag.

What will start it? Well there can be two reasons they put Abraham Lincoln on the cover. One is the racial tension and talk of slavery while trying to ignite division against everyone and whites. Who is outspoken about Immigration? Whites. Against Muslims? Whites. What are they telling us we are repeatedly this year..... 'White privilege' Seems everyone is against white people even though the rothschild and the other six families running the show are white. It has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with white Americans being the biggest threat to the elite ruining their plans to usher in the NWO. They must destroy Liberty. She also is on the cover. But first Lincoln. So this could be racial tension or indicating assassination of the president, Trump. The movie is all about the President being pursued by those with in the office trying to assassinate her. Sound familiar with all the hate spewing about towards Trump. (All an act).

They are sure 'whites' will rise to that occasion if Trump is assassinated. Not only this but who was president during the Civil war just prior to freeing slaves? Lincoln. This movie screams of assassination and civil war in America! Remember the cover shows Lincoln a part of it. Trump is playing a role for his elitist friends.

The men nearby are also dressed for the occasion. But let us look closer at those men. You may want to download a pic of this cover and enlarge it. Every figure including Liberty wears a mask. I assure you it is by design. This tells us that Uncle Sam is not who he seems to be, two faces as well as those embracing the civil war (Purge in civil war costumes with faces hidden. Think Antifa Fags) Even our president and if assassinated will not be what is a true face, they will mask it and will pretend emotion and reasons for whatever happens and we won't be the wiser accepting the appearance they show us. I see no foreign cast so how this begins or the reason is only speculation at this time. It all seems to be within the confines of the United States.

Uncle Sam's mask looks deranged and evil as if enjoying the war and killing it has produce while hoping for more. The masked man to the left of Sam has what appears to be similar to a clowns mask. Remember the sudden onset of supposed killer creepy clowns stalking people throughout the US? Why did everyone decide clowns were the thing suddenly. They say it was in anticipation of the movie 'It' but the movie did not come out until a year after the clown sightings, and why are they bringing them into the purge? The Purge and the clown sightings were in the same time frame of 2016. I do not believe your ave Joe just decided to create a killer clown fad. This is done by the Elite who exposes their plans through movies, music videos and such.

Painted on this clown head is a reversed cross. Anti-christian. Religion plays some kind of role but not one favored by christians. As you know open Satanism has been on the rise for some time. We know the NWO is run by luciferians and will with a powerful Antichrist. We know they are in office currently devising plans of death for civilians and the worship from everyone. No christlike figure or icon is seen giving the impression this is the religion.

The three stars on either side of the title tells us that military will be involved. The hair on the deformed looking satanic clown is a wig once worn by Judges. Hence, the military will have power to judge and pass punishments as they deem fit. No trial just execution. So this is judgement upon people.

The second soldier back right of Sam, obviously they stand with the government's decision and what is going on, has tape across his mouth with the letters USA written on it. No more free speech. America will be silenced and we are seeing their efforts already with Alex Jones issues. This guy also appears deformed in a terrible way. Part human part machine as we hear so much about currently? or morphing into a strange beast? What we have here are two soldiers who serve the Uncle Sam and one stands for judgement and the other for silence. There will be no pleading your case or reasoning, just a judgement to purge the USA of those who do not serve who everyone else does. Likely whites because they are the threat. Do you hear the media blame 'whites' for everything? Uncle Sam already knows most white Americans will still die fighting for their freedom. That is the reason we are singled out. While it seems even Lincoln takes part in the eradication and abolishing freedoms we know Trump is playing a part and is in alliance, not resistance of the NWO. Lincoln also died in a theatre. How many plays have been done about assassinating Trump. If killed it will be an act and he is on stage as the main character.

Now Lady liberty in the back. Pull her up close to see the evil distortion of the once beautiful representation of real freedom, and the constitution written to protect the people. Is she a Demon or scared by sin, hate and power? To me she looks like a serpent. She has been kidnapped and brainwashed by evil. So who is the gun she holds for? To protect herself? or to turn on the people? Scales of Justice missing, now replaced with a weapon.

Remember Wendy Williams dressed as Lady Liberty, green as the movie cover. What did she see I wonder? Why dress as Liberty three months after the Movie was released and before Trump won the election. Coincidence? Unlikely. She's also black. After all, they say they still feel like slaves these days. Odd she would mock freedom. I think someone was upset with her, an Angel maybe? God? Someone devine to warn her? She saw something. That look didn't appear fake at all!

In the back to the right are two men doing something half hidden. Private in the back but still outside where they could be seen. Whatever it is they are focused on it and the feeling is not boding well. Then towards the left a fire burns, I think it looks like a man in a hazmat suit tending to the fire. Burning remains of the purged? Do they expect big numbers?

Still we have a pre planned event Trump is aware of. Freedom at stake, reversed cross and the reptile face of Liberty. Judgement on America and a purging of citizens. A president that was assassinated in a theater, a movie about white house officials chasing a president for assassination. All courtesy of Uncle Sam. Oh and 'keep America Great' vers Trump's 'Make America great again'

Let's look at the back. Annual tradition? Dressing up once a year sounds like halloween to me and when did Williams pass out in a Liberty Suit, Halloween. Maybe we should keep an eye on the holiday each year. That is the Luciferians favorite holiday. There is a skull painted with red, white, and blue. Pretty simple point really. There is a guy with a gas mask on. Interesting. Chemical warfare upon its own people then blamed on who? A wack job with mental issues or another country? OR could it be robots designed to kill civilians. Looks robotic to me. wearing a red hoody or representing blood.

What's with the two evil, sharp teeth monster. Kiss me? 'em ssik' backwards. I'm Sick pronounced.

Ugly. Liberty is what it's all about. No see anything, no talk about anything. x = 10 so in 2020? That's the next election. Then on her lips XX lll XX = 23 both front and backwards. Update: They gave us the date it would all start March (lll) 2020 (XX XX)

Any way it's interesting when you really look at it, a little frightening but I think 'hopefully, the big quake will come and change all these evil people.' The problem is, they put on quite a show. Does it make any sense to you?

I believe that Trump thought if he built our country back up he could change the minds of those in power. This has proven inaccurate sadly. I still believe in him and encourage his re-election.

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