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The Rudy Effect Part Five

Another one! If you haven't read my first four about 'the Rudy Effect' scroll down and start with one. Briefly, it concerns hundreds of cases similar to Rudy Eugene's in Miami. If your still under the false belief that drugs are the cause you are mistaken. No drugs but some pot was in Rudy's system, no drugs at all in John Lewis's body. An 11 year veteran police officer on the job, a University professor, a musician on tour who played with the Boston Symphony...these are educated and prominent people in their communities, not druggies.

It is Oct 6, 2018 and I just ran across another case. 26 year old Joshua Harvey who was screaming in the street, taking his clothes off and pulled the handle of a banks front door made of thick heavy glass so hard he pulled it off causing the glass to smash cutting his head in several places. After being tased dozens of times it had literally no effect on him. He continued to try to stand and he continued to fight.

While the family chooses to blame cops for killing him by taser (lingering effect three days later) I beg to differ. He showed all the tell tale signs of the Rudy Effect.

1 Screaming and delusional

2 Stripping his clothes off

3 Super strong

4 Unaffected by tasers

I think he may be a victim. You'll need to read the others to understand the scope of this. All counties are affected. It would have been a matter of time before this man killed someone.

Please don't form an opinion so quickly. Read the other four first.

I'll probably add to this.

It's graphic but no one is listening.

And it's still happening.

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