The Scary Truth About 'The Devil's Advocate'

From beginning to end this movie is riddled with a future prophecy. It was made in 1997. I remember the year well because I had my daughter that year and Donald Trump was not a someone I knew of as important, I had never heard of the internet or knew of anyone with a computer in their home. We had no cell phones and I knew no one except those I met in person across the states. We were still drinking faucet water and I had never heard of chemtrails. Food was still food as far as I knew and tasted. We worked knowing pretty much how far we could go and understood where we were. It intensely changed over the past twenty-one years and this movie foretold it all.

1. It starts right out with the defense of a pedophile, something we are always hearing about today.

2. The reporter is the Devil we find out later in the movie. How very close to the truth this is today.

3. After winning the case and celebrating, a black man approaches Lomax with an offer but Lomax thinks a joke is being played and utters the words '...and the black thing, that's a good touch' bringing a sense of racism into it. Something heavy (but failing, pushed only by media and Soros to deliberately divide the people) in today's world.

4. At the entrance to Eddy Barzoons party where all the big shots are in attendance, Barzoon introduces the Lomaxes to three gentleman who he claims 'These are the Republicans'. It is the republicans who are in office today, but that scene connects to the next scene where a woman Barzoon is taking the Lomaxes to meet is saying 'Donald Trump was supposed to be here but he had an emergency, probably with (forgot his name). Both names I did not hear much about until recent years. Donald trump is the republican president today. Perhaps Trumps absence means he isn't on board with the demons in office having made an excuse to be absent at this party in the movie. I am always talking about the political, music and entertainment industry being full of demons, worshiping Lucifer, and all belonging to a coven. I wasn't kidding around. This movie backs that up in the political field anyway.

5. I also want to mention the constant shape-shifting from human to demon that the public is saying is happening today be it demons (Beyonce) or referred to by the name reptilians.

6. In this movie Mary-Ann (the name Mary chosen deliberately) is being manipulated as appearing to be going insane while trying to tell her husband what she has witnessed, what is happening to her, and who they are but her words fall of deaf ears until finally she is institutionalized and ultimately commits suicide. If this doesn't sound similar to many entertainers and even a few politicians today, you haven't been keeping up! Even Dave Chappelle talked about this during an interview years ago. There are an endless list of names who lived (and died) through this and is escalating with time. Many by way of hanging on a doorknob (those were murdered ) but in the movie Mary-Ann slices her neck with glass standing by the door she blocked. The door and neck surely mean something in the Satanic realm.

7. The big one comes during the speech Miton makes to lomax while Barzoon is about to be murdered in the park. All of which is prophecy!

A) He first states that Barzoon is the poster child for the next millennium (generation coming up) before the description. This turns out very accurate of this generation.

B) The description begins with 'Sharpen the human appetite until it can split atoms with it's desires' Can anyone today get enough of what they want? Isn't it all about desires that are insatiable?

C) 'Build the ego the size of a cathedral' accomplished today by selfies and social medias constant praise and admiration.

D) 'Fiber optically connect the world to every eager impulse' Internet communication, cell phone communication. Anything you want to impulsively share, or request (hookers), with one another is there today.

E) 'Grease even the dullest dreams with dollar green gold plated fantasies until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, becomes his own God' Are we talking gaming? And how many false religions are out there promoted by people like Oprah Winfrey supporting people as their own Gods literally. How many people talk about anyone can accomplish anything neglecting to mention the necessary skills most are unlikely to ever acquire. The bottom line is that people no longer feel the need for God replacing him with themselves. Self importance is the new religion today.

F) He goes on to talk about the shape of our environment. The air thickens (Chemtrails?) , The water sours (Contaminations, no more drinking faucet water), The Bees honey even taste like radiation (Chemtrails or imitation honey made in a lab like all the foods) We do have Bees disappearing also, why?

g) 'No chance to think or prepare' Things are happening fast today. Milton AKA Lucifer declares 'There is no future'

He asks who has his eye on the world. People are willing to destroy God's ex planet (no longer resembling the earth God intended) then lick their fingers clean (no accountability) and return to the 'keyboard.' The internet that did not enter everyone's home like a toaster until around the years 2000. The new millennium he is describing!

But the ending is great as he mocks God, Mary and Jesus by trying to procreate through the incest of his own children because even Lucifer admits 'He forces no one' Something I have been telling Christians for a long time, he can only influence while we make the final choice in everything we do. Free will. The ultimate gift from God. The strongest weapon we have against and over Lucifer is free will.

Lomax uses this gift not only at the end of the movie but when he realizes it was all a prophecy (For a spell to work witches must show you what they are going to do and is why the movies or music has such predictive events in them) he returns to the courtroom to make the decision to assure it will never happen.

But then the Reporter AKA Lucifer comes at him again stroking his vanity. Are they telling us Lomax folds eventually?

These things have come to pass and we are living the very millennium he describes.

I always said the internet is evil and will separate us all. I think this movie validated it.

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