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The Stories They Tell

Remember when Pluto was a planet for years and years until one day they said "Nope, we changed our mind." It is no longer a planet. I guess Pluto pissed some big wig off. They didn't want Pluto around anymore, so they eliminated it. Why? For what purpose did they find to off a planet? They don't make mistakes like that one. Makes you wonder.

I have been reading in the online news area where they are making one discovery after another. Almost daily. Gosh, we have come a long way! I wonder if they'll run out of discoveries? I suppose as long as the imagination lives on, so do their discoveries. Like this latest one about the exoplanet. Exoplanet. It sounds so futuristic. Read Me

They know what it is, what it's made of, what it feels and does, they know everything. I like how they say "....perfect for trying to analyze its contents based on the light that streams through it from the exoplanet's host star." Notice how they can continue to examine it for more to share with the public while we pay for it. Why learn about a real planet like ours, since we can't drill any more than seven miles, give or take. It is painfully obvious they are finding a planet with their imagination where anything goes, and nobody has to prove a fucking thing. We all like that much better, right?

It's like Mercury. They know every layer to the core of the meat in Mercury, and they never even had to go there or anything. I'm impressed! Then they have a robot taking selfies on Mars, so we can all have a chuckle. We giggle, and they laugh at us giggling, since that robot never left the studio.

Do any of you ever feel like a fool? When will you wake up from your cacoon? I guess some like being lied to their face, or they are just avoiding that uncomfortable feeling called humiliation. It's okay. Don't feel that way. It's okay to say, I was wrong, sorry for calling you names. We will forgive you, just do yourself the favor and please wake up.

These are called 'Crises Actors'.

That's all they are, government puppets for money. Money and low budget self stardom are more important to these people than other people or our freedom. They are disgusting and unlikely human.

They literally lie to you and me for a living and love it.

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