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The Time Is Nigh

At the beginning of the big to-do referencing the second stimulus package before Biden's illegal president-elect, Pelosi and crew agreed to a $1500 aid to Americans while arguing other parts of the package with Trump. Then came Biden's steal and future as president while the bill remained in a quarrel between us and them. That's how I see it, Trump being us and Pelosi being the sheep.

In the second round of arguments, Trump let us know what was in this bill that included sending most money overseas on waste but likely will end up in the pockets of the new government elect or used as bribe money they promised those chosen countries in order to role out the NWO. But there was also another heated discussion about the now reduced aid being given to the American people. The drop from $1500 to $600. So Trump ups it and declares they agree to this or he won't sign. All Trumpers agree. The majority of Americans, not the Pelosi-Biden mafia followers.

After a bit of quarreling Pelosi announces they are on board with Trump's $2000 per person etc and will vote it in, honest to God and promises. This is where I took a pause. What made Trump think they meant it? Sure they voted it in but you know dam well they knew (organized) that congress would not. It happened just as I called it when first reading the bill was signed, congress said 'fuck you' to us. We only get $600.00 while billions leave for overseas. What a fucking joke!

You sheeple Biden Lover really can't see how things are going to go in the future under pres-elect pedi Biden? This is a very clear indication and it won't benefit YOU!

The Answer to this problem of a corrupt government

The answer is not one the lazy wants to hear. You won't want to hear it if you vomit at the sight of blood. You won't want to think about it if your family members are more important than the country and everyone in it as well as your own future generations of family members yet to make an appearance. I know I wish there was another way for all those same reasons except the last one. If people (including my own) are going to die then let's die as heroes with purpose and meaning. I assure you death is coming one way or another by these freaks coming into office.

There is only one option left. Biden will be inaugurated in January. We need to gather and physically storm the area and remove Biden physically, then demand the real winner is sworn in as WE THE PEOPLE have chosen! President Trump. It is the only way to correct the illegal voting tally and to keep America free for 4 more years and help him drain that freaking swamp! It will mean the beginning of a civil war where the Biden lovers are not the concern because they are too lazy to fight, rather, we will be head to head against the government itself. It may sound very third world but it will be the only way. It will mean blood will be shed. It will mean people will die on both sides.

It is not the fault of American Patriots or Trump. It is the fault of the future government coming up. They asked for it while pumping the citizens with Flouride and whatever is in those chemtrails. They asked for it during the Obama administration, even Bush Sr's when 911 happened. It has been a build-up of years of hoaxes and lies they thought they were getting away with. Many say 'We will pray for you Trump and America' but the time for those prayers is finished. We need to pray for the courage it will take and the ability to move forward with action coupled with God's guidance to reclaim our country. Enough is enough!

I'm sorry everyone but...the time is nigh.

My final Question regarding everything I have been discussing is...


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