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They Are All Mad Scientist, and I am Madder

This is crazy insane waste of my fucking taxes. I'm madder than ever, not more mad than usual, madder than usual. I know that should be saved for an educational blog but I'm curious is it Madder or more mad? The teacher at the school says 'more mad' but I and a whole lot of other people say 'Madder'.

Anyway some numbnut mad scientist succeeded with mating the same sex rats. This idiot is proud of it. Why? Two males or females can not mate. It is biologically unnatural and impossible. They obviously altered them so what's the big to do?

' The cells used to make the mouse embryos were profoundly manipulated. The vast majority of the embryos made did not result in births. And none of the bipaternal mouse pups — those with two genetic fathers — survived to adulthood. '

They say. This Asian lunatic scientist.

Point is why? Man and woman were DESIGNED to mate naturally, and have babies. It was perfect, balanced and the way it should be. Anything else is just a sci fi special. Do not argue that fish and reptiles can do it because rats and people are not fish or reptile. We are mammals. So fuck you.

Poor kids. Poor confused unholy generation these fruitcakes want for the better of the world that was once fine without crazy mad scientist. Everyone knew their place, what the natural smooth order of things were, what was expected and we grew knowing the boundaries. Now it is a big ol clustfuck of confusion with more to come.

It's my taxes. Gov'ts in dept my ass while giving money to these freaks for freak ass experiments no one needs done. Cure cancer numbnut or cerebral palsy or a billion other more important shit going on.

Better than that find your roots.....GOD!

I just don't know where I am anymore.

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