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This Will Be Communism at it's best

I did not listen to the man speak because what I read was enough. I have a problem with this experiment they are going to conduct in Chicago. They express concern over how everything will become automated leaving people unemployed. I suppose they also mean robots without saying it. It is Robots that will serve the sheeples hamburgers at fast food joints? Think about it, we already have self checkout at walmart. While they are choosing 1000 people to receive this unconditional $500 I suspect they will be of a lower income scale by the way they are talking. They say '"It’s time to start thinking about direct cash transfers to people so that they can start making plans about how they’re going to get by.” What exactly do they mean? I believe people already do that everyday while working and budgeting. Apparently people will....have to get by on $500-$1000 a month like it or not? Kind of like Alaska? I really thought that was for people way out in the wilderness. Some example they give us because I know they have hookers in Anchorage. Who the hell can live on $500 or $1000? How about they try this little test on themselves first?

Oh ya and they tell us how to spend the tax return! So it is conditional afterall. But if there are no jobs how can we even get a tax return?

This means they would have to regulate the rents, food and gas cost etc. Once they do this they have complete control. Who will own the apartments or houses we live in? Government. I believe we call this subsidized housing or HUD or 'the hood' and we know many of us try everything to avoid having to live in these kinds of places.

The people on welfare (Isn't this the same thing by force?) have a lower self esteem or positive outlook. Idle hands bring trouble. Drug dealing, alcoholism and hostile behavior. Education will lack importance since there are no jobs and if they find something for us to do there will be no drive or dedication since our pay levels the same as everyone else's. The following generation will only find purpose in doing what they are told that serves the UN beast. In fact they should take the word 'purpose' out of the dictionary because the meaning will no longer exist. There literally is no purpose to life. Human beings will be reduced to dogs on a chain waiting for their masters table scraps. The chain will exist too just renamed to microchip.

Anyone understand the New World Order yet?

If it wasn't intentional as they act all concerned about how people will be able to survive while finding a generous solution to 'our' financial problem arriving in the not to distant future they would simply put a halt to auto anything and especially Robots knowing the result. They are designing it this way. Remember those insensitive machines are already taking over the human desire for an actual living mate by coming into our bedrooms. Even today we do not know what anyone is since Tranny perverts are accepted as 'normal' and encouraging the next generation to mix and match what they want in regards to self-identity. Who needs birth control if men dress like woman to sleep with another man and the same with woman and woman, toss in the robots for the rest of us and who can get knocked up without the government breeding us selectively.

Now we must ask why?

Do you really believe they are concerned with humans overpopulating and eating up all the resources on our beloved planet? That because of mankind populating, the world will end and there is no stopping it unless we stop mankind from growing? In fact mankind needs to reduce itself. I could go on forever with this topic I seem to have strayed too but I don't like writing long articles. So I will be doing another about this subject and what could be considered a reason (yet to be proven) to enslave man. I think it is more than control though. That won't be enough for them, there is something else hidden away that drives them to plan such elaborate schemes such as to create unemployment, control food, education, lifestyles, illnesses etc etc.

Until then know this before shaking your head as if I just made up the subject of this article, that everything you were raised to believe is a lie!


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