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Todays List Of Someones Neighbors Activity 1

The Bestie Dad in the world

Dad's can be so cool sometimes don't you think? And if your dad's a transvestite who sometimes prefer to be called "Christine" that must be even cooler!  Ask yourself if you have a man who lives next door named Christine, and if so would you honestly let your kids hang out there? Did the parents of the kids spending an innocent sleepover already know this? If I knew a daddy dressed up to pretend he was also mommy my kid wouldn't be 10 feet inside that house and I don't care how sweet and well mannered the kid was. Well this daddy/mommy dude who doesn't know who he is also wants to be his 10 year olds bestie. So he bought her and her besties booze and got them stone drunk. Nice going daddy/mommy/bestie. He denies it but I doubt the girls would lie, all three of them. So beware the daddy/mommy parent. If they can't figure out who they are how do they know appropriate behavior around kids or anyone really. Sounds prejudice doesn't it? Your decision, it's your neighbor and your kids, but what on earth is the whole neighborhood clapping and cheering at his arrest. Did everyone know? Did a child have to be drunk to decide to put a stop to what they must have known what was going on. Did people not tell the parents of the visiting girls what he was like, not to trust him? It is obvious the parents had no clue OR they didn't want to be pegged as prejudice by others and trusted the daddy/mommy/bestie guy. Wouldn't want to be frowned upon by the world for thinking "something wrong with him" after all, it's just his lifestyle. It's normal behavior these days. Was the mommy or mommy/daddy supposed to be present? They make no mention of the other half. I wonder if I have any daddy/mommy/besties in my neighborhood? I don't think I have seen any of these unusual creatures around. And yes they are unusual no matter how much society paints them as normal!   


Kill Child. Kill Dad Then there are the domestic hit hiring murdering child abusing neighbors. Seems everyone has someone in the neighborhood abusing a child or trying to kill someone. Is this normal too? Apparently a 20 year old was at work when a boyfriend accidentally killed his girlfriend's toddler. She moves in with another guy friend? Where is the family anymore, like our parents, siblings? No, woman in distress moves in with yet another guy! Well, she needs someone to seduce into killing the man who killed her son. How she knew how to get away with it with out being caught but not wanting to do it herself or play any role in the scheme tells us a lot. What ever you do beware the neighbor who asks for BIG BIG BIG favors, especially the ones they can do themselves but won't! How though she could not show emotion and even comfort the crying ex boyfriend who is experiencing remorse over the loss while plotting his demise is beyond me. Sneaky snake. What if she beat her kid and the kid happened to choke while the good boyfriend happened to be there. The bruises are from mommy! Maybe that's why she wasn't fazed by the death of her son, but the boyfriend is. Like all cowards she can beat a small child but not kill a grown man. So much drama at the neighbors. 

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