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Truthers Proved Correct Again. Updated


And now we are correct about chemtrails blocking out the sun. Look up.

We told you about crisis actors hired for fake events to meet the elites agenda. For instance Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, Parkland and countless others. While most in America are for Gun Grabbing the Boston Bombing was to see how the public would react during Martial Law . It was in fact a live practise drill and we were the lab rats.

We have been also saying that protests such as Black Lives Matter were funded and produced by hiring and bussing people into protest to vandalize and attempt to divide America. Those who need money so badly that they would grab at the chance to make a fast, easy buck at the expense of their community and country are as evil as those higher in power creating these scenarios. People will so easily turn on their own for coins as written in the Holy Book. If it were real, these events, then why the need to hire?

Let us consider the immigration where thousands of immigrants from somewhere are headed towards the USA through Mexico. Someone promised the citizens of some country free passage and everyone took advantage of this fantastic deal. Maybe. Whatever it is that brings this huge mob it is still staged. Think about this a minute. Just prior to election ALL the immigrants decide now is the time to gather everyone and plow through Mexico to the USA? Do you really believe this is what happened? Gullible is what they count on. If you believe this then you are gullible.

We are not conspiracy theorist because everything, or just about, have already been proven.

'A conspiracy theory is no longer a theory once it has been proven true'

And has our society been stripped of all that is decent and good? Look around, it has begun. A Conspiracy Kennedy died for attempting to reveal it and the same J Edgar Hoover and William Blum warns us about. This has been in the making for a very very long time.

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