Update to part 1: Dulce Alvarez's Adventure

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Here's the update: LINK A sketch of a witness also having acne (not the guy that kidnapped her) just one lone witness. They'll never find him, they couldn't find the red, sliding door with tinted windows van driven by a white (of course) thin, clean shaven, pimply faced man in red pants and orange shoes (Nikes they say) placing a fat mexican (just looks asian) child wearing flowery black and white pants and a yellow top in the back seat because as her mothers indicates 'she ran away' later saying 'somebody may have taken her' due to the insinuation that a white blah blah man driving a maroon blah blah van put a mexi-asian short person in the backseat and drove away.

The authorities left it up to elderly mountain climbers, out of shape divers and a dog to find her in the park since he may have stuck around, who knows.. I guess the van just drove in circles or hid with the van behind a tree to avoid capture. I wonder when the brat will be found buying an ice cream at the local store because he told her to stay put inside and she just got bored so she left. If closs can do it I am sure this kid can too! The story gets dumber and dumber each time. As long as you keep believing they'll keep pretending.

So now that you got tired of looking for a van with a man you can start looking for some random witness who has kids of his own and may know something more than those really vivid details other witnesses described. I don't know if I'll ever stop laughing about this. Somebody is going to get rich with all those donations you keep giving them so you'll get leniency from God when you die unaware God is shaking his head in disbelief over how dumb you became when he gave you such a good healthy intelligent start.

The unemotional mother also shared more information about the events of the afternoon Dulce disappeared, and disclosed that her 3-year-old son "doesn't talk."They are becoming creative rewriting this script. Brother was full of sentences as to what happened the first day but in scene two he can't speak so he pointed.

She claims the kids went to the park while she and an 8 year old (to old for playtime. She wants to learn gambling skills) sat in the car 30 feet away. But she couldn't see the swings from the parking lot so they 'walked to the park' clearly telling us the kids, three and six, were unattended when they got there. People are saying things, spreading rumors to the point she won't leave her house unless necessary. Good, at least there she is bound to keep track of that three year old!

Mom says she was scratching lottery tix...Tix. Really? 'you know dude, scratch butt tix' Seriously, that was me making a joke. She did say tix though.

"If somebody knows anything please come forward and talk. We miss her a lot, everyone does," Perez said. "She was the only one who would make a lot of noise at the house. She would be screaming, playing around, Now the house is real quiet." Anyone see the BS in this script? We miss her a lot. Just miss her. It took her a month to say 'my daughter' as most inconsolable mothers would say, instead she would say 'the child.' She says the fat six year old made more noise than the three year old? Kid must be a spoiled terror. So she makes noise while brother sits silent? I'm laughing again.

She has a boyfriend, this mexican mother, and the sadness of that is that Dulce's mom is breeding yet again. If they decide to wipe Dulce out of the script permanently you will still read an article about that birth (did this during the Aurora Co shooting too). Any bets she has a girl and names her Dulce?

This is funny in a way : Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae did not return immediately a message from New Jersey 101.5 Monday seeking comment about Perez's comments. I wonder why? I want a comment on the comment that made more comments. This script is getting complicated. LINK So the kidnapper just spent a month with the kid but it's the video that would make an impression by hearing her soft voice and child like whatever? I don't get it. And that stupid gibberish blabbermouth home video was convincing she got abducted, don't ya think?. LINK Who is this asshole. See! Look what they are doing! Immigration. If they think they have not found this kid after the explicit description of everything because somebody who saw something might be illegal they are incompetent brainless doedoe birds. I haven't heard about tips coming in or any kind of hope just tearless dense mother kinda missing the child. But now we have a muslim talking about illegal immigrants. Fuck off, another graduating crisis actor doing his part.

LINK How do they decide who gets all the publicity on the news and FBI most wanted missing? They should have found that van at the least. They got all the help they could have short of the licence plate.

Apparently they are looking over video footage and I thought 'finally someone is thinking' until I read the next sentence when they said they were looking over the school bus footage. hmmm. school bus. Is the camera outside as well as in? I know the guy in the red van won't be on that bus sitting behind her. Was Jayme Closs on the FBI's list? I don't recall reading that she was.

And so I can close this out here is one last thought: ~ Dulce was last seen at the playground about 4:20 p.m. Sept. 16 and authorities have scoured the park for her since. ~

Ya, scoured ONLY the park.

But look at the time & numbers. They will always have numbers in sync with the occult. Dulces age 6. 4:20 pm 4+2+0= 6. It sure looks like a bunch of stoners are investigating this BS. and sept = 9 reversed is 6 and the 16th if you multiply 1x6=6. several ways to 666 it. Remember Jayme Closs. Her number was 13.

I'm finished, I try hard to make my blogs are short as possible.

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