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Uselessly preparing for evac after megaquake

I wonder where they will go? If they are referring to 'The Big One' this may render useless. The big one will be the largest ever experienced surpassing a 9, closer to a 10 on the scale. This means EVERYONE in the USA will know when it happens because they will experience it to a lesser degree straight to the east coast . In many states outside California the buildings are not made to withstand any measure and the 5-6 felt as it spreads more east (the Madrid faultline may fully activate adding to the madness) causing much destruction in places understandably unprepared. The homes on the East are hundreds of years old and won't withstand a 6.0. The megaquake will remind the population why your neighbor, friends and family are important. To overcome this catastrophe society will have to come together with no room for any selfish survival skills or concerns that rules today's fearless communities. Everyday life as we know it will stop, but it is necessary to force the masses to ignite that spiritual side of life many have trained themselves to ignore. The need for God will be reactivated while realizing how powerless and vulnerable we really are forcing a reevaluation of our life's value and worth. The absolute

worst devastating experience we can imagine is the only way to bring about the demanded change in ourselves when we refuse to advance. This is what parents use to teach and mold their children: tough love! However lucky one is at this time or minor the effect in one's life , the guarantee is that everyone will be in some way affected. No exceptions, no free pass. The individual suffers with all. Each is a participant, not a mere witness.

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