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We are all going to die. I mean any minute now-Added about Ebola

I am so........I can't describe what I am, but flaming boiled is close enough. I am going to make a list of news today and the ways of which we should just all hang ourselves now. This is just getting dumber and dumber between declaring Trump could get impeached to lil sausage pouting David Blogg name calling adults. I don't like Pelosi either but this kid needs to stop showing everyone disrespect. Other kids will think it's ok.

1. Asteroid as big as the Giza Pyramid, really? This come just after another bus size asteroid almost hit Earth. Come on already, there are no asteroids!, no outer Space for asteroids to fall out of. LIE and DISTRACTION. ASTEROID

2. Ebola making a comeback when 55 more cases in August appeared near the epicenter or basically where it all began and always was. They have been warning us for weeks now along with killer flu, deadly measles and next pandemic. None of which has affected anyone I know and I know people all over the states! Here is where I must burst out laughing. They say they are offering treatment free for the next three months and while they say there have been 55 new cases this month they also say in this article that 55 people died of it this month. So free treatment like villagers could afford it or that maybe that's why it spread all over the world last time, no one was getting treatment under the UN's reasonable healthcare everywhere! I mean these folks barely have a decent hut or any monkeys to eat. Pay for treatment? Well it's a good thing the Government all around the world are willing to help! Good thing the last time it spread EVERYWHERE it also just stopped all due to the beautifully successful thermometer check at the airport. Remember that? In one pic you'll see they have a vaccine of some kind being administered. Interesting how that works. ( Congolese health workers take the temperature of a civilian before administering the Ebola vaccination in the village of Mangina in the Democratic Republic of Congo.) LIES and DISTRACTION. EBOLA

3. Measles. This just won't quit! 8 year high. BUT, it's getting close to the UK. Bullshite! I have known zero people in eight years who have contracted or knew someone who contracted or new of someone who new someone who contracted it, just like zinka and HPV and everything else they want you to feel the cure in the needle to prevent. Notice they say it is partly caused because the YOUNG people are not inoculated from it. Not people my age, not middle aged people, just the young and healthy! So they are pushing vaccines in collages. LIES and DISTRACTION. MEASLES

4. Poisonings are being tossed around like salmonella suggesting town folk shouldn't be allowed to keep chickens in their backyard. I have chickens in my backyard and I'm saving about $20 a month eating organic at that. Organic is expensive. Good thing I live near a hospital. But now the poison is a herbal remedy that relieves pain. In other words big pharma loses money on pain pills. But they claim out of 3-5 million people that use the herbal supplement Kratom a whopping 44 individuals die annually from it. Can they do math? Basic math. So they want to classify it as a opiate. They really degrade health nuts by calling it herbal remedy that you drink like tea yet this is deceiving and manipulating because at first you think it is for those who use holistic medicine but it isn't at all, in fact those dying from it are addicts! They are the ones who go to gas stations, smoke shops and online to acquire it. They say it has become a billion dollar business (ya, because of all the deaths people just want more). Which means again big pharma loses out on money that this time doesn't belong to them at all. If it's not their profit then it shall be nobody's profit. The Kratom Industry as they refer to them insist the data is wrong and no one died from it. Then the article says 'still, troubling poisonings are on the rise' Apparently the poison centers have a special line set up just for this. I've never heard of 44 out of millions dying that get their very own hotline. They seem to describe it as what I call 'speed pills' like yellow jackets or something. But many people have a combination of drugs in their system such as heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and kromon but notice they single out the one drug even though the big killer is fentanyl that is in the heroin. Besides if you have all those drugs in your system, like a downer or two, why would they add a stimulant as well? Dumb. Dumb druggies. Not everyone, just druggies. Since everyone lost interest in bath salts I guess this gets to shine in the spotlight while ignoring the heroin/fentanyl overdoses. In my town they have increased to three a week. I live in a town, not a city. LIES, GREED and DISTRACTION. KRATOM

I'll find more to add to it. You get the point for now!

Seriously Nasa!

I know what this is even if many don't. It is sperm in live action and photoshopped yellow. I have always, I do not lie, always marveled over the universe resembling a woman's womb. I suspect I was right. In fact, this sperm fella convinces me. Meteor my ass!

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