What Goddam Dimension Have We Rolled Over To!

Updated: Apr 14

This is insane and every one of you who voted or would have voted for Pedi Biden are asses. I have worse words to describe you but I'm not sure I should go that far. I have nothing good to say about any of you but 'Stupid' is the nicest. Welcome to your New World Order that you never believed us when we told you it was coming. Crime will be epic in the government. This is a grand goodbye to America. Laws telling you if you can shit before bed and execution if you don't do it when they say to. It will be part 2 for a Hitler continuance. Are you happy because this is just the bare beginnings of your never-ending nightmare? Eventually, they will come for your guns. Likely this will happen after secret laws are pushed through in a record time. But what do you care? It'll be safer without them. If you still believe this then consider you don't have a brain. You are stupid and a waste of oxygen.

I knew when Trump walked away and the bully kids of Lucifer got away with stealing the election in our face that they would confidently do just about anything and they have relied heavily on you idiots who still believe Pedi Biden & Killer Kamila just wouldn't do anything illegal so they absolutely won fair and square. My concern is Trump's true place in the theatre of America's demise. Is he just one of them who kept us amused for four years only to walk away and without remorse? Was he planted to calm us down while they put the finishing touches on the election to act out his send-off? I really do wonder about where he stands. After all Bill & Hillary did attend Trump's wedding. Here are two troubling but informative videos.

Immigration, voting, fraud, liars, adding the most frightening, Internment Camps ( I view them as Concentration Camps). No media on this one. Are you ready for more of this insanity? Oh, shit none of these things will last. Besides, it is all conspiracy talk?

Try checking to see if it really is imagined by people like myself and spread around just for a giggle putting fear into everyone's lives for no reason. Use that tiny unseen brain we keep telling you about. Stop being so dismissive. Ask the Jews what governments are capable of or Stalin or all those mighty mad men in powers past. If you think it is only America, think again. New WORLD Order, Stupid.

Getting ready for extermination.:

Read this to know how far they are going.

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