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What in your town makes you cry Part 2

I have to elaborate on the events in Part 1. If you haven't read it you should so you know what I'm talking about.

We must have entered the end days or days of tribulation because people are more hateful than I recall in the past. It is one thing to argue if your intelligence lacks the ability to speak calmly and rationally but to wait two weeks then chose a place to humiliate the imaginary opponent and pick up where one had left off proceeding with lies in order to laugh at a winning score the other had no idea they were included in, this never ending nasty game of 'tit for tat how do you like that.'

Since the young girl standing with my neighbor at the trunk of her car said things to the public not only was I shocked that this parking spots brief encounter had not stopped the day of, but now I face having to explain and defend myself to anyone who read what she commented under the article. How does someone handle this kind of attack? I was first seeking the recesses of my intelligence for the reason why she was doing this, after all I did not even know her name until that moment. How she knew mine was a question and how did she find my site and connect the two. I know by the words she wrote this person did not take the time to find out who I was. Lazy comes to mind since her IQ is limited and her weight abundant.

So why bother when now it should be over?

I kept obsessing how evil the world is, being validated through the lies told that got me fired by nasty old people setting out to destroy me for some warped gratification to my boss lying in order to stop my advancement in my field to this girl for again a warped sense of self gratification. Then my handymans break-up with his girl (Who happened to live behind me) rolled right over to me while his now ex girlfriend began spreading lies about our relationship to more serious accusations. The same as this brainless neighbors daughter, it turns out, claimed. So maybe brainless daughter (whose name is Natalie Powell) did have some help finding out who I am, maybe even by pure happenstance.

In one month I had five separate people telling blatant, unresolvable, defaming, and costly accusations that could not be disproved because they were all lying and no one even asked me my side, they simply settled for believing it. I responded to Natalie in kind and a member who knew me personally commented demanding Natalie apologized to myself and my daughter, who they dragged in on the imposed festival of hatred as well. I waited a day and then blocked Natalie and deleted all comments involved. Maybe it would stop now. The next day however someone else commented in Natalies defence. I found that anyone with the name Transfairy is only worth laughing at and blocked them too. Is that it, finally?

I know this was not over the parking space. It was coming from my handymans ex.

For anyone to sabotage someone's livelihood on purpose is evil. When someone has to make up events to accomplish their goal increases the amount of evil within their soul. To lie for vengeance is evil and to manipulate others to help accomplish a goal increases the amount of evil in that soul. To berate or snap disrespectfully at a woman they never met who is as old as their own mother is evil but to readily say 'I will...' when asked to publicly assault a person's character increases the amount of evil in that soul.

I can not recall one time I thought of doing any of these things to another person, especially for no good reason but to laugh as if having been given a crown that placed you over another being with some grand power. None of which Natalie and the other four persons had or they would not have needed to make up stories.

Neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, child against parent.....that is scripture and that is what happened in the end. Was I the only loyal one left? The only beacon of honest integrity? If children no longer believed the parents and adults no longer believe adults, if friends no longer believed friends and if a boss no longer believes his employee while the employee no longer believe the employer then what is left? All of these things happen based on pure intentionally imposed lies! What is left in society that gives us hope for mankind?

God has now shown me through these recent experiences what I needed to see about these end days. There is precious little love left in this place and time.

We are doomed.

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