What In Your Town Makes You Cry? Part 2

As I said in Part 1 I received a parking ticket after listening to a woman's political oddities and the next event after shopping was the interaction with two wolves over a parking space. What I thought was a bad day became a bad week. I can only hope it ends ....right now.

I'm only writing this so you know you are not alone............if you ever had this kind of misfortune.

I work for a company in the home healthcare business as a caregiver. I tend to bounce from one client to another until I am able to land one client full time. It is during these phases when any complaints from the client to my boss happens.

I reviewed all my complaints and found ALL complaints I ever received were from woman and all but two were from woman I visited only one time. I also realized that out of the last eight complaints only one was warranted for disciplinary action against me. I guess content is irrelevant after so many complaints to believe my side of the story, especially when each explanation I gave was 'They are lying!' I probably wouldn't believe me either if I wasn't there to bare witness to it.


You need to consider these factors when judging or siding with my boss.

1. I worked at this same company for four full years

2. I took only 1 twelve-day vacation out of three I could have and decided this year (before my demise) I would work through my vacation this year as well.

3. I called off only for illness. Once per year during flu season for 1 to 2 days depending on the duration

4. I never pulled the infamous 'no call, no show' as so many had without discipline.

5. The first three years I never refused a client and I drove up to 40 minutes to see a client.

6. There have been clients who requested only me as an aid and often after leaving a client they would request me back.

7. I usually lasted 6 months to two years with the same client until either they were admitted into a nursing facility or passed away.

8. I never dropped anyone the entire time I was employed there. What I mean by this is many clients has had a stroke or are in a wheelchair unable to use their legs. Most were overweight and very heavy. I visited a wheel bound blind woman as a temporary only twice before she was given to a male aid named 'James' . I received a call from my boss on James first night with her. "Revol, you know Mrs Smith in the wheelchair?'" He asked. I did. "Did you have any trouble transferring her when she used the bathroom...ever drop her or anything?" No, why the question I politely asked him. 'James was unable to and she fell. He can't figure out how to transfer her. How were you able to?" James was a man of 30 years old while I was a woman of 56. I explained in one simple sentence. I said 'I did what she told me to do'

9. I Never dropped Prissy either. She was a big, tall, overweight, strong-willed black woman of 89 years old who I had to help lift off her bed into her wheelchair with only the help of her left leg. The other was bum and completely useless, although she could partially use her arm on that side. She had the very early stages of Alzheimer's. When I transferred her into the bathroom helping her onto the toilet I would wait but she would insist I leave her alone. I believe in the dignity of the clients and would leave. The issue was I refused to go far or close the door. I would stand just outside but out of her sight to give her the privacy she yearned while the protection I was hired for. Prissy always knew I was there and would start with 'Are you a lesbian or Somethin?" then I would hear her speak out loud to herself 'What's a white girl doin in my house?' often calling me a Honky or Cracker'. I didn't care though, she was young and able during Martin Luther King days and I understood where she was coming from. I never received a complaint, never came close to injury or fall. When I quit her because of another Co-Worker (who had been with her since her start with the company two years ago ) due to his talking down about me and telling this very religious Christian old woman there was no God of which both were against the rules, Ms. Prissy was very angry and hostile. She wanted me there.

The point of this story is that another worker who relieved me in the morning had dropped her twice in one day. My boss only knew of one fall because Prissy had hit her head on the tub and an ambulance had to be called. I told the boss 'Wow, she dropped her twice?' but the boss wasn't aware of that very first fall earlier in the day. I was, I told him and he blew it off. My boss cared less about the clients than his appearance to corporate.

10. I often spent my money on their food or things they might talk about needing but had no money. I did things even the company was not aware of. Many were old, alone, and in poverty. I could never seem to detach myself.

But is anyone supposed to according to Christ?

I was good at my job.


So what happened to warrant my abrupt dismissal.

Two complaints in one day, that's what. Both blatantly lied about me.

How can you prove a lie?

I don't know either.


Copywrite 2017 Revol Brasier