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What Is Really Going On In Real Time?

If we are going to stop the murder of Lady Liberty, NOW is the time. If you can't see the truth you are either deaf and blind or stupid and part of the agenda, be it through ignorance or carelessness, and a direct cause of America's death. When the snake bites you, along with us, it will be too late to apologize to your children. Patriots do not want a humble apology we only want you to see what is in front of your face and join the fight with courage.


Do you think it is a good thing forcing the public to participate in vaccines whether they believe it is necessary or not? If you said yes then pause to consider that what makes America FREE is the right to decide what is best for you and your family without being questioned. Also, what happened to the statement women use to justify the killing of children through abortion, most notably the 'full-term abortion' murders? What was it they said nonstop that gained them the right to kill babies ready to take their first breathe within weeks to days of the said abortion?

It was 'My body, my decision' Well it holds for agreement to vaccinations as well then. 'It's my body, my decision.'

Pay attention.

11/14/2020 DR. Simone Gold.

BREAKING: @Ticketmaster reportedly planning mandatory COVID-19 vaccine verification policy for concert attendance. Young healthy people are NOT the target population for this vaccine and Ticketmaster is not your physician. Boycott this.

Consider how ironic it is that it is your body, your decision when wanting to kill and destroy but the same will not apply when it comes to the illusion they want to protect you. In fact, if you agree with the mandatory vaccines then we know you'll stand eagerly in a line to be chipped. I say to you...........

The truth in your face

I posted this on Facebook and people still denied it continuing to hate on President Trump. How? While they lie in our face, Pelosi's mafia crew, this woman Janine, tells the truth in your face. Ask yourself if your hate is a personal one against the man's personality or demeanor, or is it based on his professional accomplishments and ability to do his professional job? Who cares if you don't approve of the way he lives his personal life, or if he is softly seducing versus point-blank speaking that borders arrogance. Maybe arrogant is really his confidence shining through! Do you really believe there is a pandemic?

Maybe you just love the drama.


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