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If you are looking for insight, advice, validation, or someone who just understands and will listen without judgment then you have found the right person! I look forward to forming a trusting and lasting relationship you can depend on in times of need or even just a quick answer before heading out. Whatever it is you seek you can find it here.


My rates are fair and affordable. Please take a moment to set up an account if you don't already have one. If you do, then one clicks account can be used for all sites that offer this service. Use only the money you wish and the remaining money can be used at another time. There is no pressure to spend. Call and ask about the hourly rates or monthly offers. Look for sales and reduced rates throughout the year.


I always recommend reading 'What to expect in a reading' to get an idea of how readings with me will go. I also recommend reading past chat readings I have done in the blog section under 'Miranda'. Nothing is altered. I simply copied and pasted them from chat. I only changed the names of the people for the respect of their privacy.


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